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Are you looking for DJs and VJs for hire to get your event started?

We have the best Disc Jockey and Visual Jockey services that will wow your guests. Our talented DJs create the perfect atmosphere, from ambient music to club classics. For a truly unforgettable experience, our VJs deliver immersive visual spectacles and laser light shows. No matter the occasion, we match the vibe and exceed expectations.

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Woman rocking a stylish leather jacket and wearing luminescent headphones | Altus Entertainment
Las Vegas Female DJ
Residencies at some of the most legendary nightclubs in Las Vegas,Open-format DJ who blends hip-hop, pop, EDM, and house music in a way that gets any crowd moving,Versed in turntablism and vinyl record art forms,Proven track record of delivering exceptional service and unforgettable experiences,Appearances on VH1's Master of the Mix and collaborations with some of the biggest artists in pop and hip hop
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Man skillfully playing drums with Las Vegas cityscape visible through window in the background | Altus Entertainment
Corporate and Event DJ
Over two decades of DJ experience in high-energy environments,Specializes in corporate and casino events with an unmatched Vegas flair,Renowned for leading nightclub residencies and events across major Las Vegas resorts,Offers a vast music library and tailored playlists for diverse crowds and occasions,Renowned as a music authority and advisor, setting the bar for contemporary DJ entertainment
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A woman in a butterfly costume posing in front of a blue background. | Altus Entertainment
Lady DJ with LED Costumes
Enchanting atmosphere with video animated LED wings,Seamless mixes and vibrant energy,Tailored performance to meet your specific event needs,Choice of two different LED winged costumes
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Happy male DJ enjoying himself behind a professional DJ set | Altus Entertainment
Eclectic DJ
Expertly curated sets across a wide range of musical genres,Dynamic performer who reads and responds to the crowd,High-quality, immersive live DJ experience,One of the best live act DJs with an engaging stage presence,Ideal for any event looking for tailored, energetic entertainment
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A DJ performing onstage with vibrant neon signage in the background | Altus Entertainment
Music Curator and DJ
Dynamic female Music Curator and DJ,Among the top-rated Chicago DJs,Custom-tailored music sets for each event,Expert in creating captivating atmospheres,Profound passion for music and performance
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Interior view of a spacious auditorium featuring a large stage with professional lighting for live entertainments | Altus Entertainment
DJ In A Giant Mirror Ball
World's largest Mirror Ball act with live DJ and musicians,Can carry notable figures for grand entrances or speeches,A dazzling tribute to the Disco era with modern-day energy,A visually striking centerpiece for any event,The Mirror Ball spins, adding dynamic movement to the performance
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Versatile DJ for Events | Altus Entertainment
Versatile DJ for Events
Tailor-made playlists for every event,Open-format DJ for a versatile mix,Expert in reading and energizing crowds,Skilled in scratch mixing and sound curation,Perfect vibe-setter for private and public events
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DJ performing at a wedding reception with professional sound equipment setup | Altus Entertainment
Electrifying DJ
Open format DJ that specializes in mixing all genres of music, even kid friendly songs, Electrifying DJ with over two decades of expertise,Offers optional lasers and fog display for immersive experience,LED DJ adding visual spectacle to the auditory experience,Includes DJ setup, microphone, laptop, QSC K12/QSC 152 speakers, and table upon request
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Dynamic DJ | Altus Entertainment
Dynamic DJ
This DJ's refreshing style is sure to get everyone on the dance floor,Has over 10 years of experience,Has a proven track record of delivering exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences,Has a great ability to read the room and choose the best songs,Ensures a smooth, well-communicated experience
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Events DJs and VJs for Hire

Elevate your event experience with our exceptional Disc Jockey and Music Video expert services. Our roster of talented DJs and VJs for hire specializes in creating the perfect atmosphere, whether you're looking for ambient music, chill-out tracks, or club classics to keep your guests entertained. Our expert music mixers have extensive experience in reading the room and matching the vibe for any occasion.

Altus Entertainment also offers cutting-edge audio-visual technology, featuring VJs who deliver immersive visual spectacles and laser light beam shows for a truly unforgettable experience. Our global entertainment experts are dedicated to finding the perfect match for your event, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Whether you are planning to book a DJ for events or hire a VJ for parties, you can explore our diverse selection of DJs and VJs, and we will help you create a remarkable event that will exceed your expectations.