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Customizable Swing Music

booking highlights

   Can be a Trio or Quartet

   Sultry vocals meet vibrant brass

   Fresh takes on swing jazz classics

   Unique approach to classic swing music

    Play a variety of music, from blues to bluegrass to classic rock

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Step into a world where rhythm reigns supreme with our Customizable Swing Music Group, the epitome of toe-tapping, soul-lifting swing jazz music. Altus Entertainment proudly presents an ensemble that doesn’t just play music—it ignites a movement, transforming any event into a whirlwind of dance and delight.

As you plan your next gala, corporate affair, or intimate celebration, consider the unparalleled vibrancy our swing jazz music group brings. With warm brass tones, sultry vocals, and a rhythm section that commands the dance floor, our Customizable Swing Music Group ensures your guests won't just be tapping their feet—they'll be swept off them!

Our group's approach to swing music transcends tradition, infusing classic swing with a fresh, modern sensibility that speaks to both swing aficionados and newcomers alike. Tailored to your event's unique vibe, our musicians can dial up the vivacity or serenade with elegance, catering to your every musical whim.

Your special occasion deserves more than background music; it deserves a soundtrack that encapsulates the very essence of celebration. With performances beyond the stage, our Customizable Swing Music Group creates an atmosphere brimming with energy and class—a true feast for the senses.

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  • Many theaters and festivals all over California, Hawaii and internationally in Europe, Asia and the middle East