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James Bond Theme Party Acts

Altus Entertainment's Secret Agent and Spy-themed entertainment brings the thrill of espionage to your event. Featuring James Bond and Austin Powers impersonators, custom escape adventures, and augmented reality experiences, our offerings are perfect for creating a captivating and interactive atmosphere. 

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We offer impersonators for iconic spy characters like James Bond, Austin Powers, and Inspector Clouseau. Each impersonator captures the essence of these characters, adding allure and entertainment to your event.

Our custom escape adventures and casino experiences are elegantly crafted to make guests feel like they're in a spy movie. Guests can participate in interactive challenges, solving puzzles, and enjoying casino games alongside iconic spies, adding a thrilling layer of entertainment to your event.

Altus Entertainment works closely with you to tailor the entertainment to your event's theme and your guests' interests. Whether it's a private party, a corporate event, or a fundraising gala, we ensure that the entertainment aligns perfectly with your vision.

Acts List

An older man in a white tuxedo offering a thumbs up as part of a strolling entertainment act. | Altus Entertainment
Best James Bond Impersonator
Premier Sean Connery Bond impersonator,Awards ceremony and VIP interaction expert,Globally recognized and acclaimed,Adds sophistication to any event
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A Champagne Aerialist performs on a hoop in front of a crowd. | Altus Entertainment
James Bond Aerial Themed Acts
James Bond-inspired aerial elegance,Award-winning international aerialist,Performed alongside A-list celebrities,Perfect for high-end events and galas,Mesmerizing blend of athleticism and artistry
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Group of entertainers posing in formal attire simulating secret agent actions for a playful spy-themed photo | Altus Entertainment
Live James Bond Tribute Show
Awe-inspiring Live Band that plays up to two hours of the title themes from James Bond,Also plays party and dance music ,Has performed all over the UK with previous clients including Sir Roger Moore's Office, Fujitsu, Thorpe Park, Symantec, Bryan Adams and more,Top-tier musicians from leading orchestras and West End Shows
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A woman dressed in a feather costume is standing on stilts in front of a building | Altus Entertainment
Enchanting Stilt Models
These glamorous stilt walkers are perfect for meeting and greeting guests. ,Cloaked in chic velvet designs, these enchanting models bring red carpet designs to every occasion.,Perfect for your next corporate event, private party, gala dinner, or any high-end gathering.,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas.
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A fire performer in a red and black outfit holding a chain | Altus Entertainment
Thrilling Whip and Crossbow Artist
Master of whip and crossbow acts,Offers walkaround acts to full shows,Daring crossbow shots at beautiful assistant,Fire eating for added thrill
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Bald male performer in vibrant shirt delivering a speech on stage | Altus Entertainment
Clumsy Waiter Keynote Speaker
Unforgettable surprise keynote experience,Hilarious and engaging learning experience,Captivating and inspiring presentation,Unique twist with a reveal during the meal,Empowering individuals to overcome challenges
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Themed Entertainment featuring a woman in a bikini standing on top of a pole. | Altus Entertainment
Giant Champagne Glass
The breathtaking champagne glass burlesque performer is both a living décor and installation art.,Our beautiful Performer can serve champagne to guests from a giant 7ft tall glass.,She will interact with onlookers as they pass by in an over-the-top manner that will have everyone talking. ,Our giant champagne glass immediately adds sophistication, class, and elegance to any event.
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A secret agent in a tuxedo holding a gun. | Altus Entertainment
007 Impersonator
Top quality James Bond impersonator with the charm that matches the real version.,Perfect for 007 James Bond-themed events and corporate functions.,High-demand lookalike performer for high-end events.,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Orlando.
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Male performer in crisp white suit skillfully playing a piano | Altus Entertainment
Grammy Nominated Pianist
Pianist with prestigious music education,Genre-blending musical virtuosity,Timeless ragtime to contemporary jazz,Captivating performances for every audience,Vast experience in national and international events,Grammy-nominated pianist for premium entertainment
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007 Theme Party Acts for Events

Step into a world of mystery and excitement with Altus Entertainment's Secret Agent and Spy-themed entertainers. When you choose to host a James Bond Theme Party or an Austin Powers Party Theme, you're not just planning an event; you're crafting an unforgettable adventure that will leave your guests feeling like they've stepped into a thrilling spy movie.

Imagine the allure as James Bond impersonators mingle with your guests, sharing tales of daring escapades. The charm of these characters, from the suave 007 to the hilariously inept Inspector Clouseau and the groovy Austin Powers, adds a dynamic layer of entertainment. Each impersonator captures the essence of these iconic characters, bringing a sense of adventure and a touch of glamour to your event.

But the excitement doesn't stop with the impersonators. Our Secret Agent and Spy-themed entertainment goes beyond traditional performances. We offer custom escape adventures and casino experiences that are so elegantly crafted, your guests will feel as if they're in Monte Carlo, gambling alongside the world's most notorious spies. These interactive experiences are not just fun; they're immersive, allowing your guests to become part of the story.

And for those looking for a modern twist, our Augmented Reality specialists can transform your event space into a high-stakes spy mission. Guests can engage in interactive challenges, solving puzzles and cracking codes, all while enjoying the thrill of being a secret agent.

Whether it's a private party, a corporate event, or a fundraising gala, our secret agent and spy entertainers are perfect for adding a touch of intrigue and excitement. At Altus Entertainment, we understand the importance of creating unique and memorable experiences. That's why we work closely with you to tailor our entertainment to fit your event's theme and your guests' interests.

Choose secret Agent and spy-themed entertainment from Altus Entertainment and let us bring the world of espionage to life at your next gathering.