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Secret Agent and Spy

Secret Agent and Spy


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Our Secret Agent and Spy-themed entertainers will give your guests a taste of adventure and intrigue. You can play it straight with James Bond impersonators who will mingle with your guests and regale them with tales of intrigue or go for a more lighthearted taste of espionage with Inspector Clouseau, Johnny English, Austin Powers, or Inspector Gadget. Or bring them all together for a true gathering of spies and secret agents.

We can work with you to create custom escape adventures or casino experiences so swanky and elegant your guests will feel like they could break the bank in Monte Carlo. Work with our Augmented Reality specialists to make your guests feel like spies and help them crack the case. Secret Agent and Spy entertainers are perfect for private parties, reunions, corporate events, holiday parties, conference receptions, fundraising galas, and more.