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Virtual Reality: Revolutionizing Event Entertainment

Altus Entertainment takes you to the forefront of event entertainment with our Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences. From immersive VR adventures to interactive AR displays and captivating Hologram Event showcases, we bring the future to your celebrations.

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3D Image of Crystal Clear Performer in Entertainment Content | Altus Entertainment
Interactive AR Experience
Cinema-quality 3D immersive environments,No app, direct interaction with AR,Real-time augmented reality engagement,Customizable content for brand alignment,Unparalleled "edutainment" experiences
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VR Gaming Activation | Altus Entertainment
VR Gaming Activation
Immersive virtual reality experiences,Custom branding for event themes,Latest PS5 and VR technology,Engaging for gamers and novices,Flexible setups for any event size
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London Olympics Mascots showcasing British spirit at Olympic Games | Altus Entertainment
High-end AR Photo Booth
Immersive AR snaps beyond traditional photo,Customizable AR characters and backgrounds,Ideal for brand campaigns and fan engagement,High social shareability and email open rates,Turn events into augmented digital adventures
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A dapper man and elegant woman in tuxedos, posing before an exquisite painting at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
AI Photo Booth
Revolutionary AI Photo Booth experience,Interactive and immersive experience,Leading-edge photo booth technology,Futuristic fun for any event,On-site photo printing and digital sharing,Instant, unique picture creations
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High-tech racing simulator setup with red racing seat, steering wheel, large gaming screen and neon floor lighting for a thrilling gaming experience | Altus Entertainment
Race Car Experience
Authentic Formula 1 simulator experience,Realistic racing adventure including the Las Vegas F1 track,Customizable event racing entertainment,Video Game rentals turn events into race day,Realistic driving controls and HD visuals
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Virtual Magician Innovator | Altus Entertainment
Virtual Magician Innovator
Interactive magic at your fingertips,Customized to fit your virtual event theme,Quality streaming from a pro studio,Engages with personal devices for real-time wonder,Adaptable for any size audience
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Augmented Reality and Hologram Events: The Future is Now

Step into the future of entertainment with Altus Entertainment's Virtual Reality experiences. We're not just talking about technology; we're talking about an immersive journey that transcends the ordinary. Whether it's a corporate event, an educational seminar, or a private party, our VR and AR solutions are tailored to astonish and engage.

Imagine your guests donning VR headsets and being transported to distant worlds, historical events, or even fantastical realms. It's not just visual; it's an all-encompassing sensory experience. Our Virtual Reality technology is state-of-the-art, ensuring that each adventure is as real as it gets.

But the excitement doesn't end with VR. Our Augmented Reality offerings bring a new dimension to your event. AR overlays digital information onto the real world, opening a realm of possibilities for interactive displays, educational experiences, and entertainment. It’s perfect for exhibitions, product launches, or any event where engagement is key.

And for a truly unforgettable spectacle, our Hologram Event services are unmatched. Witness as we bring to life 3D holographic images that float in mid-air, creating a mesmerizing display that blurs the line between reality and illusion.