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   Tailored artwork for any theme

   Live VR painting act for events

   Winner of international Tilt Brush competition

   Stunning customizable VR painting show

   Engaging and interactive VR entertainment

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Immerse your guests in a breathtaking visual experience with our customizable VR painting show. Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, our professional VR painter will create stunning digital artworks live, right before your eyes. Whether it's your company logo, a unique theme, or a captivating landscape, this live VR painting act for events offers a mesmerizing display that will leave everyone in awe.

Our artist specializes in Tilt Brush and Open Brush creations, having won First Place and Public’s Favorite at the International Tilt Brush Paint Off competition in 2021. This means you’re not just hiring any VR entertainment for hire; you’re getting the best in the field. As the VR headset goes on, watch in real-time as vibrant, 3D artworks come to life on a big screen, specifically customized to match the mood and theme of your event.

This customizable VR painting show is perfect for corporate events, trade shows, galas, and even private celebrations. The interactive aspect of the performance keeps the audience engaged, as they witness the creation process live. It's a unique blend of technology and artistry that adds a futuristic flair to any gathering. When you hire a professional VR painter, you are providing an entertainment experience that is both innovative and unforgettable.

Imagine the excitement as your guests see their ideas transformed into a visual masterpiece, all through the magic of virtual reality. The artist’s ability to tailor the artwork to fit your specific needs makes this show incredibly versatile. From intricate company logos to dazzling scenic views, the possibilities are endless.

Don't miss the chance to wow your guests with something truly extraordinary. Book our customizable VR painting show today and make your event stand out with cutting-edge virtual reality art!