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Speed Painter Act

booking highlights

   Engaging live speed painting that involves and entertains attendees

   Customizable canvases tailored to specific event themes, including corporate branding

   Ideal for a wide range of events, from intimate weddings to large-scale corporate functions

   Provides a complete setup for both indoor and outdoor venues, ensuring hassle-free entertainment

   Based in Dubai with availability for international events, offering a global artistic touch

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Infuse your event with creativity and color with our Speed Painter Act, a dynamic and skilled artist who turns live painting into a participatory spectacle. Perfect for guests of all ages, our speed painter adds excitement and interactive fun, leaving behind original artwork that immortalizes your special occasion.

Our artist offers a variety of canvas sizes, each featuring pre-drawn designs that can be customized to reflect the essence of your company or event. Whether it's incorporating logos, names, or thematic elements, each brush or pen stroke adds a personalized touch that resonates with your brand or celebration's spirit.

Imagine the delight as attendees at weddings, festivals, product launches, or workshops contribute to a giant collaborative masterpiece or individual canvases. This experience not only fosters a sense of teamwork but also encourages guests to unleash their inner artists in a joyful and collaborative atmosphere.

Our Speed Painter Act Dubai provides everything necessary for a seamless artistic endeavor—from easels to coloring pens—swiftly setting up in any outdoor or indoor venue and ensuring a smooth wrap-up at the event's conclusion. She is based in Dubai and is available for private and corporate functions across the UAE and globally.

Choose our Speed Painter for Hire for an event that combines artistry with engagement, offering guests not just a show but a chance to be part of the creation process. Book now and watch as our Speed Painting Live Shows transform your event into a canvas of collective expression and unforgettable memories.


  • Majid Al Futtaim
  • SpaceX
  • Airbus
  • Continental
  • Volkswagen