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Altus Entertainment's American-themed entertainment brings the spirit of the USA to life with Uncle Sam stilt walkers, dynamic cheerleaders, and a range of performers, perfect for creating a memorable and spirited atmosphere at any event.

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A woman in a cowboy outfit spinning fire. | Altus Entertainment
Pyrotechnic Cowgirl Show
Dazzling pyrotechnic displays and daring stunts,Combines cowgirl artistry with fire mastery,Perfect for corporate events, festivals, and private parties,Celebrates the spirit of the wild west,Professional pyrotechnic performer for hire
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A group of people dressed in Victorian era clothing | Altus Entertainment
Christmas Carolers
Gorgeous Victorian-era, Dickens-inspired costumes,Over 100 Christmas songs performed,Versatility and inclusivity that appeals to all ages,Engaging performances that get everyone in on the holiday fun,Representation of diverse cultures in NYC and Los Angeles
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A group of Latin people posing for a photo. | Altus Entertainment
Oldies Acapella Quartet
Authentic street harmonies of the late 50s,Sentimental favorites and timeless classics,Professional acapella singers for parties,Perfect for corporate events and private parties,Hire oldies band for events today
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A group of people in red and white uniforms playing instruments for Independence Day entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Patriotic Brass Group
Honoring veterans with live music,Versatile for parades, ceremonies, concerts and more,Clients: NBC Sport, The Voice, Colbert, Pepsi, Paramount, DJ Khaled,Available for worldwide bookings, based in North America,Compact ensemble, wide-ranging repertoire
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A band of male musicians passionately singing and skillfully playing guitars on stage | Altus Entertainment
The Eagles Tribute Band
Transcending tribute, true 70s experience,Played with The Beach Boys, Timothy Schmit,Authentic recreation of the Eagles' sound,Delivers expert, professional performances,Members of the group have played with the real Eagles,Vocals and guitars are top-notch
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A group of performers posing with an acoustic guitar for a photo shoot on a entertainment company event | Altus Entertainment
Energizing Classic Rock Band
Selected to play for pre-game festivities at the NFC Championship game at CenturyLink Field,Seasoned performers that have been together for 28 years,Great selection of classic rock songs,Vocally rich, and intricate arrangements,Energetic performances captivate and engage audiences
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Street musicians group performing live music outdoors | Altus Entertainment
Diverse Country Music Band
A unique blend of classic country instruments,Expansive 300-song repertoire,Original material and crowd favorites,Versatile for any event atmosphere,Constantly refreshed musical selections
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A woman in a black dress singing into a microphone at an Other Tribute Acts event or Juneteenth Entertainment celebration. | Altus Entertainment
Whitney Houston Impersonator
Top US and Global Whitney Tribute Artist,Performed on Oprah Winfrey Show and MTV Music Awards,Can include talented musicians, singers and dancers,Professional actress and producer talent,Star-quality entertainment for events
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A man in a cowboy hat showcasing his hula hoop skills | Altus Entertainment
Trick Roper
World Champion in trick roping,Offers LED and Fire Trick Roping,Mesmerizing gun spinning skills,Customizable performances to suit your needs
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American-themed Performers and Props for Events and Parties

Step into a world where the spirit of America comes alive with Altus Entertainment's American-themed entertainment. Perfect for any event, our performers embody the unique charm and energy of the USA, offering an immersive experience that celebrates the nation's rich culture and vibrant spirit.

Our American-themed entertainment is not just about performances; it's about creating an atmosphere that resonates with the heart and soul of America. Imagine your event space transformed by the presence of towering Uncle Sam stilt walkers, their patriotic attire and striking height offering a unique photo opportunity and a memorable spectacle for your guests.

But the excitement doesn't end there. Our American cheerleaders bring high-energy performances that are more than just routines; they are a dynamic force that motivates and energizes the crowd. Dressed in vibrant costumes, they perform electrifying routines that will get your guests moving and grooving, infusing your event with an infectious, spirited vibe.

Our range of American-themed entertainment extends beyond these acts. We offer live bands playing classic American tunes, performers embodying iconic American figures, and American themed props to hire that add an extra layer of authenticity to your event. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a private party, or a themed celebration, our American-themed performers and entertainers are sure to elevate the experience.

At Altus Entertainment, we pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs of each event. We work closely with you to ensure that our American-themed entertainment aligns perfectly with your vision and goals. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering a tailored entertainment solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

With Altus Entertainment's American-themed performers and entertainers, your event will be a celebration of American culture and spirit that your guests will talk about for years to come. Book now and let us help you make your American Themed Event a spectacular success!