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Band members passionately playing instruments during live music performance in local venue under ambient lighting | Altus Entertainment

Hire Bandeoke Bands for an Unforgettable Interactive Live Music Experience

Ignite your event with Altus Entertainment's Bandeoke Bands; hire the ultimate interactive experience where guests lead the band and memories are made on stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our bands have a diverse repertoire, covering everything from pop and rock to soul and country. We cater to a wide range of musical tastes.

We have an extensive list of songs available. However, if you have specific requests, it's best to let us know in advance so we can accommodate.

Absolutely! We offer a range of additional services to enhance the Bandeoke experience, including professional sound and lighting setups.

Acts List

Two male performers casually seated on a sofa against a stark white backdrop | Altus Entertainment
Renowned Country Band
Renowned Country Band for authentic country charm,Versatile Country singers for events ,Versatile configurations from trio to six-piece band ,Energetic performances of country hits,Dynamic stage presence with captivating storytelling
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Happy male DJ enjoying himself behind a professional DJ set | Altus Entertainment
Eclectic DJ
Expertly curated sets across a wide range of musical genres,Dynamic performer who reads and responds to the crowd,High-quality, immersive live DJ experience,One of the best live act DJs with an engaging stage presence,Ideal for any event looking for tailored, energetic entertainment
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Band members passionately playing instruments during live music performance in local venue under ambient lighting | Altus Entertainment
High-Energy Event Band
World-class musicianship with interactive shows,Wide-ranging repertoire for all tastes,Interactive audience participation,Tailored entertainment for unforgettable events
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Five male band members celebrating 50th anniversary with joy, posing together in front of commemorative sign | Altus Entertainment
Rockin’ Blues Band
Perform hard-driving, heartfelt classic blues,Versatile band configurations for various events,Offer a blend of jazz, swing, and rockin' blues,Seasoned performers with experience at major venues,Deliver high-energy performances with a Chicago blues flair
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Group of entertainers in sequin outfits and tuxedos posing for a photo | Altus Entertainment
Top-Tier Cover Band
Electrifying live entertainment experience,Customizable setlist for any theme,Costumes, choreography, and hit tunes,Seasoned pros from famed talent shows,Global performance experience
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Group of male performers in black shirts posing for promotional photo. | Altus Entertainment
Classic Rock and Disco Cover Band
Versatile repertoire of 70's Disco, Classic Rock, and Pop,Authentic sound reproduction by professional quality musicians,Electric show with authentic disco flair,Invites audience participation for immersive performances
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Bride and groom enjoying DJ entertainment at their wedding | Altus Entertainment
Interactive Karaoke DJ
Over 30 years experience in the industry,Professional and reliable service,Customized playlists and experiences,Professional, interactive DJ to play music & make announcements
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Wedding celebration with professional DJ music entertainer | Altus Entertainment
Interactive DJs
Over 30 years experience in the industry,Very interactive with the guests,Have a 4.99 Star rating on The Knot,Vast, genre-spanning music selection,Tailored playlists for every event
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The wedding of person and person captured through nostalgic 1960s and 1970s photography. | Altus Entertainment
The Ultimate Party-Starting Band
9-piece band with diverse music selection,Full sound and lighting package included,Expertly crafted party playlists,Seamless transition from mellow to high energy,Professional MC and event coordination
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Imagine stepping into the spotlight, the crowd cheering, and the band striking up the first chord to your favorite song.

This is the electrifying thrill that our Bandeoke Bands for hire deliver at every event. Altus Entertainment invites you to transform your occasion into the most talked-about event of the year by giving your guests center stage with our live karaoke bands.

Our Bandeoke Bands for hire offer a one-of-a-kind musical journey where guests don't just watch the show; they are the show. It's a chance to unleash inner rockstars, serenade with the soul of a diva, or groove to pop anthems with a live professional band backing every note.

With a repertoire that spans across all genres and decades, our bands promise an all-inclusive performance that resonates with every individual in the room. This isn't just another party; it's a personalized concert where every guest can grab the mic and lead their band. The shared excitement of live band karaoke for hire turns your event into a harmonious celebration, bonding attendees through music and laughter.

Are you ready to book karaoke artists for parties that will leave your guests raving? Our highly skilled musicians ensure a seamless experience, from smooth ballads to high-energy hits, catering to the vibe of your event. We provide everything needed to make the magic happen: top-tier sound systems, a diverse song list, and an atmosphere charged with anticipation and exhilaration.

Whether it's a corporate event aiming to break the ice or a private party looking to dial up the fun, our Bandeoke Bands are the perfect act. They're not just performers; they're facilitators of fun, masters at engaging audiences, and experts at making every participant feel like a superstar.

Hire live karaoke bands through Altus Entertainment and watch as your event becomes the ultimate interactive music experience. Your guests won't just remember the food or the venue; they'll reminisce about the moment they were the lead singer, the band was their band, and the night was theirs to conquer.