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Altus Entertainment's steel bands offer the perfect way to infuse your event with the lively spirit of the Caribbean. Suitable for various events, from island-themed weddings to corporate functions, our versatile steel drum bands can perform traditional Caribbean music or popular hits, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience for all guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A full ensemble of Altus Entertainment's Steel Bands typically includes multiple musicians, often consisting of a steel drum player, percussionists, and other instrumentalists, creating a rich and layered sound.

Yes, Altus Entertainment's steel bands can customize their performance to match the theme or style of your event, ensuring a cohesive and tailored musical experience.

Yes, Altus Entertainment's steel bands are versatile and can perform both traditional Caribbean tunes and contemporary songs, offering a wide range of musical options to suit your event.

Acts List

A group of entertainers performing music on a stage for Memorial Day. | Altus Entertainment
Steel Drum Show
Fusion of calypso, funk, and rock reggae.,Infectious steel drum rhythms.,Soulful harmonies that captivate,Transport your event to the Caribbean,Over 30 years full-time band.
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Performer in formal attire confidently holding a world globe | Altus Entertainment
Caribbean Band
Tropical reggae, soca, and calypso fusion,Energize events with authentic island rhythms,Entertained celebrities and royalty worldwide,Vibrant Caribbean spirit in every performance,Turn events into a Caribbean dance paradise
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Two male performers rhythmically playing steel drums near a historic statue for an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Caribbean Vibe Steel Band
Vibrant Caribbean Vibe Steel Band,Diverse mix of Caribbean music styles,Expert Steel Band performers,Tailored performances for any event,Authentic Caribbean musical experience
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A man playing a steel drum on a deck | Altus Entertainment
Steel Drum Ensemble
Can perform as a solo act or up to a ten-piece ensemble,Selected as the featured Steel Drum ensemble at the US Open in 2008,Transports audiences with authentic beach-themed tunes ,Delivers high-energy Caribbean-style grooves,Appeared on Law & Order: Criminal Intent
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Group of male performers artistically playing steel drums beside a truck at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Caribbean Steel Drum Band
Authentic Caribbean steel drum music,Versatile ensemble with DJ services,Perfect for beachside ceremonies,Keeps the party lively all night,Experienced in corporate and private events
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A band of performers enthusiastically playing steel drums against the vibrant backdrop of an art mural for an entertainment event. | Altus Entertainment
Versatile Steel Band
Vibrant Caribbean steel drum rhythms,Customizable lineup from duo to full band,Wide repertoire of musical styles,International performance experience,Perfect for any event type or size
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Steel Drum Bands for Hire for Events and Parties

Transform your event into a tropical paradise with the enchanting rhythms of a steel band from Altus Entertainment. When you opt for steel band hire acts, you're not just adding music to your event; you're infusing it with the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean. Our steel bands are the perfect way to create a laid-back island vibe, making them ideal for a range of events from weddings to corporate gatherings.

Our roster includes a variety of steel drum bands for hire, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your event's scale and budget. Whether you're looking for a solo steel drum player to add a touch of island melody or a full ensemble to bring the full Caribbean experience, we have the options to suit your needs.

Our bands specialize in performing a wide range of music, from traditional Caribbean tunes that transport your guests to sunny beaches and crystal-clear waters, to steel drum versions of popular hits, adding a unique twist to familiar songs. This versatility ensures that our music resonates with all your guests, regardless of their musical preferences.

Steel bands are an ideal musical solution for island-themed weddings, where they can add a romantic and joyful ambiance. For corporate events, festivals, and conference receptions, they provide an uplifting and enjoyable atmosphere that enhances the overall experience.

Hiring the best live steel band entertainment means choosing a unique and memorable musical experience. Our steel drum players are not just musicians; they are performers who bring energy, talent, and the essence of the Caribbean to your event.

In summary, Altus Entertainment offers exceptional steel band options for your next event. Our talented musicians provide an authentic Caribbean experience, perfect for creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Book with us today and let our steel bands turn your event into an unforgettable island getaway.