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Professional Big Band

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   Versatile Professional Big Band for any event

   National Party Band with extensive experience

   Has opened for iconic artists and bands

   Performs at renowned venues

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Bring an unforgettable musical experience to your event with our Professional Big Band. This national party band is renowned for its versatility and ability to play all styles, making it a perfect choice for any event, regardless of its theme.

Our Professional Big Band has a rich history of performing alongside famous artists and at big venues. Their repertoire includes opening sets for iconic artists such as Santana, Earth Wind & Fire, and Katy Perry. Their vast experience extends to performing at renowned venues in Las Vegas, including MGM, Caesars Palace, and Mandalay Bay.

With a lineup that can flex between 8 and 11 members, our Professional Big Band can adapt to the scale and requirements of your event. Each performance will impress, as the band brings the same energy and passion, whether playing for a private party or a national event.

When you hire our Professional Big Band, you are not just hiring a live musical act. You invite an excitement-filled experience with your guests tapping their feet and dancing to the rhythm. This national party band doesn't just play music; they create memories that will last long after the last note has faded.

So, if you're looking for a versatile, professional big band that can bring life to your party, look no further. Our Professional Big Band is ready to deliver a performance your guests won't forget.