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Two pole dancers performing acrobatics against a vibrant blue sky background at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment

Lollipop And Pole Aerialists

booking highlights

   Captivating aerial artistry on lollipop hoops

   Elite silks and pole performances

   Freestanding equipment for versatile performance

   Choreographed beauty high above the ground

   Minimal setup, maximum impact acts

Services Offered

Lollipop And Pole Aerialists PHOTOS

Dare to dazzle your guests with the gravity-defying grace of our Lollipop And Pole Aerialists, the embodiment of aerial splendor and dynamic artistry. Specializing in performances that blend the beauty of the circus with the thrill of the sky, these top-rated aerialists from California offer a spectacle that transcends the ordinary.

Imagine the sheer wonder that will sweep through your event as our aerialists, balanced upon their ethereal lollipop hoops, execute spins and elegant acrobatics in the air. Their performances, a seamless marriage of strength and fluidity on rigged silks or poles, are poised to transform any space into an arena of enchantment.

Book our Lollipop And Pole Aerialists and witness the perfect fusion of athleticism and artistry. Each act is a meticulously choreographed display, demonstrating their physical prowess and a level of finesse that will captivate and enthrall them. Ground aerialists for hire are common, but ours stand apart, offering ambient performances that elevate the atmosphere and inspire awe with every poised pose and aerial sequence.

For those seeking an extraordinary addition to their lineup, our Silks aerialists for events are the pinnacle of elite entertainment. They adapt to any venue, making them the perfect choice for grand corporate galas, intimate gatherings, and everything. Their routines, tailored to resonate with your event's theme, make our aerialists an ideal accent to any sophisticated occasion.

When you hire our Lollipop And Pole Aerialists, you choose more than entertainment; you're elevating your event into a world-class experience. With minimal setup required, these top-rated aerialists promise an act that's as accessible as it is breathtaking.