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Woman showcasing a tarot card during an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment

Psychics for Hire: Unveil the Mysteries of Tomorrow

Unveil the mysteries of the future and connect with the spiritual world by hiring psychics from Altus Entertainment. From tarot readings to medium sessions, offer your guests a unique and mesmerizing experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of psychic services, including tarot card readings, medium readings, palmistry, crystal ball gazing, and more. Each psychic specializes in different modalities to cater to various preferences.

Absolutely! Our psychics can adapt their readings and presentation to align with specific themes, branding, or messages, making them ideal for themed parties or corporate events.

Most psychics require a quiet and comfortable space to conduct their readings. Specific requirements, like tables or chairs, can be discussed in advance to ensure a seamless experience.

Acts List

The Visionary Empath holds a tarot card. | Altus Entertainment
The Visionary Empath
Distinctive and engaging psychic experience that sets your event apart,Provides virtual group readings for groups up to 20 people at a time,Creates a positive, uplifting environment, leaving guests feeling inspired and uplifted,Act can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your event and guests
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A fortune teller holding a piece of paper with lipstick on it. | Altus Entertainment
Impressive Lipsology Expert
A unique experience of Lipsology® readings,Sheds a light on character traits, energy levels and emotions ,Interactive, fun and insightful experience,Unique activity to get guests communicating
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Woman with red headband displaying colorful gemstones in her hands, posing with an intense and mystical gaze | Altus Entertainment
Fortune Teller
Interactive fortune telling experiences, Tailored themes for any event,Mystical entertainment with a personal touch,Engaging, accurate readings for guests,Make your event memorably mystical
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Entertaining Couple Engaged in Friendly Conversation at a Vibrant Event under a Tent | Altus Entertainment
Detailed and Accurate Fortune Teller
Nation's top-rated psychic consultant,Over three decades of divination experience,Variety of reading services offered,Personalized and insightful guest interactions,Mystical entertainment for any occasion
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Senior woman cheerfully smiling towards the camera during a performance | Altus Entertainment
International Psychic and Medium
Tailored readings for any event size,Known for accuracy in predictions,Featured on America's Got Talent,Connect with loved ones in Spirit
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Experienced Palm, Crystal, and Tarot Psychic | Altus Entertainment
Experienced Palm, Crystal, and Tarot Psychic
Psychic tarot cards, crystal meditation, and chakra therapy,Deep insights into past, present, and future,Professional and engaging services for all types of events,Over 35 years of divination expertise
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Man in traditional costume participating in cultural ritual at a table filled with heritage artifacts amidst verdant greenery | Altus Entertainment
Chinese-Style Fortune Teller
Ancient wisdom for your modern events,Available for both in-person and virtual events,Expertise in two fortune-telling methods,Delivers accurate, uplifting, and genuine predictions, ensuring an enjoyable experience
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Comedy Arcade Fortune Teller | Altus Entertainment
Comedy Arcade Fortune Teller
Comedy improv show based on the timeless arcade fortune teller machine,Entertains guests with his magic and comedy, and hands out witty fortunes as a remembrance souvenir,Great for breaking the ice during corporate events or private functions,Available for worldwide bookings, based in New York
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Three performers in festive masks and attire partaking in a cultural event or thematic festivity, seated at a table with a glowing pink orb centerpiece. | Altus Entertainment
Highly skilled and Experienced Tarot Card Reader
Intriguing and accurate readings,Personalized tarot experiences,Engaging humor with every card,Mystical entertainment for all ages
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Explore Psychic Readings, Medium Sessions, and Fortune Telling for Your Next Event

Looking to add a touch of mystique to your event? With our psychics for hire, Altus Entertainment offers an experience that transcends the ordinary. Imagine the intrigue and anticipation as your guests step into a realm of mystery and connection, guided by the skilled hands of our psychic mediums.

Whether it's the enlightening messages conveyed through medium readings or the age-old allure of tarot reading, every encounter promises depth and wonder. Our psychics for hire bring a wealth of expertise in various forms of divination. For some, the cards tell a story, revealing insights about past, present, and future. For others, it's the intimate connection with the other side through a psychic medium that leaves them astounded.

And if your event calls for a touch of whimsical foresight, our fortune teller party entertainment is sure to be a hit. Every palm line read and crystal ball gazed upon becomes a portal to possibilities and a sprinkle of fun.

It's not just about divining the future; it's about crafting moments of surprise, introspection, and joy. With services ranging from psychic readings to the enigmatic energy of a tarot reading, our psychics for hire adapt to the tone and theme of your event, ensuring your guests leave with cherished memories and stories to tell.

Elevate your gathering with a unique blend of spiritual insight and entertainment. Choose psychics for hire from Altus Entertainment and let the magical journey begin.