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Hostesses and Models for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers a diverse range of event hostesses and models for hire, perfect for adding glamour and excitement to your event. Our promotional models provide an engaging guest experience, with services including meeting and greeting, serving refreshments, posing for photos, and distributing promotional material. Suitable for various event types and themes, let Altus Entertainment enhance your event with our exceptional talent and professionalism.

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Speaker in navy blue suit holding microphone at event with red SUV showcased in the background | Altus Entertainment
Exciting Event Emcee and Host
Charismatic master of ceremonies for any event,Dynamic range from sports to corporate gigs,Quick-witted comedy for engaging entertainment,Experienced with global audience interaction,Customized hosting to suit your event theme
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A female performer wearing a pink shirt displayed on a television screen. | Altus Entertainment
French Event Host
Multifaceted professional offering diverse talents,Experienced as a singer, TV host, and Mistress of Ceremonies,Based in Paris and performs worldwide,Unique perspective as a vintage model,Perfect choice for those looking to hire an Event Host in France
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A group of Retro Candy Girls dressed in red and white striped dresses. | Altus Entertainment
Retro Candy Girls
These hostesses are professional and offer a fantastic, unique event service,The range of vintage-style outfits is available in 1920s to1950s fashion to match any occasion or theme,High-quality talent that has been booked world-wide
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Entertainer performing trick with hula hoop on bicycle | Altus Entertainment
Chariot Rover
Grand entrances on a 10-foot tall platform,Circus-style aerialist bike performances,Hand balancers elevated above the crowd,Full transport and setup by our team
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A stunning woman in a hat providing strolling entertainment at a corporate event. | Altus Entertainment
Engaging Promotional Model
Elevates brand presence with sophistication,A decade of fashion and promotional expertise,Mastery in trade show engagement,Brings Chicago glamour to Las Vegas events,Tailored representation for your brand
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A man and woman dressed up in Sphere Artists costumes. | Altus Entertainment
Flowing Champagne Dress
Dress can be modified to fit the theme per client's request,Available for worldwide events, based in Los Angeles ,Unique interactive experience,Can hold up to 60 glasses of champagne on jaw-dropping dress,Beautiful model will delight guests with great service
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Four female performers dressed in bunny costumes posing for a promotional photo for an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Models for Events
Diverse selection of Models for Events ,Extensive portfolio with over 3,000 models,Models equipped for various event requirements,Versatile talent pool including DJs and dancers,Professional promotional models for brand visibility
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Roaming Living H’orderve Stations | Altus Entertainment
Roaming Living H’orderve Stations
Elegant roaming servers with thematic costumes,Custom branding for memorable marketing,Versatile for indoor and outdoor events,Nighttime sparkle with LED Tray Dress,Interactive food service and entertainment
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Woman dressed as a card game player confidently holding a hand of playing cards | Altus Entertainment
Roving Blackjack Table and Dealer
This strolling Black Jack Table and Dealer is an unforgettable combination of visual elegance and conversation,Create an awe-inspiring atmosphere with this floating Black Jack Table and Dealer,Unleash the power of a revolutionary entertainment option as this strolling Black Jack Table and Dealer provides unforgettable conversations with your guests ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas
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Event Hostesses for Hire

Welcome to Altus Entertainment, the prime destination for hiring event hostesses and models who add a touch of glamour and excitement to your events. With a diverse range of promotional models, including roller girls, candy girls, living table hostesses, and themed hostess services, we provide the perfect entertainment to energize your guests and present a sophisticated welcome.

Our highly experienced trade show hostesses offer engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression on your guests. When you book our promotional models for product launches, they take hospitality to another level. They meet and greet, mix and mingle, serve beverages and canapés, pose for photos, and distribute promotional material, ensuring a seamless experience for your guests.

Whether you're planning corporate functions, private parties, product launches, trade shows, awards ceremonies, or dinner dances, our event hostesses and staff provide interactive services and act as visual centerpieces. Their stunning costumes add a unique aesthetic to each event, enhancing the overall ambiance.

We offer a variety of themes including retro, vintage, Las Vegas, beach, Parisian, and extravagant options. Many of our acts also offer custom costumes on request, tailoring their appearance to your specific requirements. Let Altus Entertainment bring style and glamour to your event with our exceptional talent and professionalism.