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Metal Bands Near Me for Events and Shows

Altus Entertainment delivers the raw energy and power of heavy metal with a roster of sensational bands. From classic metal vibes to modern metalcore, our performers promise an electrifying experience, turning any event into a memorable rock show. 

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Alternative Rock Fusion Band
Experience the electrifying sound of the ultimate fusion rock band,Vocalist delivers a riveting and commanding performance that captivates from the first note,A powerful, in-your-face rock sound that gets everyone on their feet,Their tracks have gained recognition on popular Spotify playlists,A dedicated act renowned within the Oregon rock music scene
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Versatile Saxophonist
Stage shared with legendary musicians,Sophisticated jazz to contemporary beats,Versatile solo or full band options,Global performer for bespoke events,Saxophonist with star-studded collaborations
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Male group with long hair energetically performing vocals into a microphone | Altus Entertainment
Electrifying Cover Rock Band
Rock anthems that ignite the crowd,Veteran musicians with major act openings,Tailored setlists for a diverse audience,High-octane, unforgettable rock experiences,Energy-packed performances for every event
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Internationally Renowned DJ
Battle-tested DJ with global acclaim,Tailored beats for any event atmosphere,Regularly performs with music icons,Engaging sets for high-profile brands,Versatile music selection across genres
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Dynamic Event Band
All band members have many years of live stage experience and are professional and personable,Vocalist starred on The Voice,All hit songs from genres such as rock, pop, country, emo, alternative, R&B from 80's to today,Can be a duo, trio, or a four to seven-piece band,High energy, fun performance that engages with the crowd
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A black and white photo of a LA Rock Cover Band performing live on stage. | Altus Entertainment
LA Rock Cover Band
Large and varied repertoire that's fully customizable to your needs,Charismatic vocalist with an energetic group of musicians to make any occasion special ,Based in LA, available for world-wide bookings,High-energy performances that captivate audiences,Veteran musicians with a proven record of unforgettable shows
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Rock Electric String Show
Large repertoire from classic rock and hard rock tunes all the way up through top 40 pop tracks ,This woman-owned business has been providing world-class musicianship for over 20 years,All-female act that blends electric violinists, hard rock, and metal mixed with electric bass and drums,Classy but fun! Ideal for corporate events, private functions, birthday parties and more,Visually stunning and dynamic performance
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DJ performing with turntables in front of a Christmas tree for holiday event | Altus Entertainment
Mobile DJ for Events
Experienced Mobile DJ for Events with global exposure,Versatile Turntable DJ mastering numerous music genres,Customizes music to match event ambiance,Offers personalized package deals for events,Proven track record in diverse event settings
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Three guitarists passionately performing live on stage under vibrant lighting at an entertainment concert | Altus Entertainment
The Ultimate Def Leppard Tribute
One of the best Def Leppard Tribute bands that have mastered the look and sound of the original band,Perform all the classic songs from the band’s legendary repertoire ,Ready to perform anywhere in the world,Endorsed by Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell,Was requested by Ryan Seacrest and Mark Cuban to perform on AXS TV
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Local Metal Bands for Heavy Metal Events and Parties

Are you ready to unleash the beast? To feel the ground shake and the air electrify? Altus Entertainment brings you the ultimate adrenaline rush with our sensational roster of heavy metal bands. Dive into the world of raw energy, powerful vocals, and electrifying guitar riffs that promise to turn your event into a headbanging extravaganza.

Imagine the scene: The lights dim, the crowd hushes, and then, with a crash of drums and a roar of guitars, the room comes alive. This isn't just any music; this is heavy metal in its purest form. It's the sound of rebellion, of freedom, of raw power. And with metal bands near me, you don't have to travel far to bring this experience to your event.

Our bands are more than just musicians; they are performers. They know how to command a stage, engage an audience, and create a concert-like atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe. From the intense riffs of electric guitars to the pounding beats of drums, every moment is crafted to perfection, ensuring a performance that resonates with every metal enthusiast.

Whether you're a fan of the classic metal sounds of legends like Black Sabbath or more into the modern vibes of metalcore, our diverse roster ensures we have the perfect band to suit your taste. And for those looking to support the local scene, our local metal bands are ready to showcase their talent, proving that you don't need to look far to find top-tier metal entertainment.

But why stop at just the music? With Altus Entertainment, you're getting an experience. It's the thrill of live music, the connection between the band and the audience, the shared energy that turns an event into a memory. It's about creating moments that linger, that become stories told and retold.

So, if you're ready to elevate your event, to give it a pulse, a heartbeat that's loud, bold, and unapologetically metal, then look no further. Altus Entertainment is here to turn your vision into reality. Let's rock on!