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Rock Electric String Show

booking highlights

   Visually stunning and dynamic performance

   Classy but fun! Ideal for corporate events, private functions, birthday parties and more

   All-female act that blends electric violinists, hard rock, and metal mixed with electric bass and drums

   This woman-owned business has been providing world-class musicianship for over 20 years

   Large repertoire from classic rock and hard rock tunes all the way up through top 40 pop tracks

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Brace yourself for the high-octane energy of our rock electric string show, where the raw power of rock and metal harmoniously collides with the electrified finesse of string instruments. This isn't just a performance—it's an auditory revolution that turns the classic string concept on its head.

At the heart of this ensemble are electric violinists who wield their instruments like axes of old, shredding through genres and expectations with the support of electric bass and thunderous drums. Their music is a symphony of intensity, creating a wall of sound that leaves audiences both stunned and exhilarated. This is the musical fusion that will set your event apart, an unforgettable experience that resonates with the force of every note.

The leading force of this group isn't just a musician; they're a viral sensation. With over 11 million views on YouTube, the lead violinist has captured the attention of music lovers worldwide, showcasing that the violin can indeed rock as hard as any guitar.

When you book electric string musicians from our roster, you're guaranteeing an event that's more concert than background music. Ideal for those who seek to make a bold statement, our female electric violinists for events bring a performance that's as visually captivating as it is sonically groundbreaking.

Don't just plan an event; unleash an epic musical spectacle that attendees will talk about for years to come. Book an electric string show that will electrify your venue today!