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High-Energy String Group

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   All female string ensemble who provides flair and class to their high-energy performances

   Offer everything from classic rock and hard rock, to pop music and top 40 hits

   They have the option to perform acoustic strings for intimate settings or electric strings for larger spaces

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They are a female string group with style, talent, and class who can play any song you want to hear from today's hits and the past. You won't be disappointed! Acoustic instruments are perfect for those looking to create a more intimate and elegant atmosphere. Their natural sounds will be the highlight of any event, with their calming quality making them ideal in small settings. The electric string ensemble is perfect for events that call for a larger space or more atmosphere like parties and nightclubs. They can provide memorable tunes with their pedal effects, emulating famous melodies and iconic solos! 

If you want to spice up the night, request a singer to perform with this dynamic group. You can have a setlist tailored to your needs at any event with our diverse range of musical options. We offer everything from classic rock and hard rock, to pop music all the way up through top 40 hits! With wireless technology, the talent can move effortlessly on stage and amongst guests while audio engineers carefully deliver a perfect mix. To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.