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Fire Show: A Dazzling Display of Flames and Artistry

Elevate your event with Altus Entertainment's Fire Show options, a captivating spectacle of flames and skill. Our talented Fire Dancers and Fire Jugglers, combined with the unique art of Fire Knife Dancers, guarantee an electrifying and unforgettable experience for all.


Acts List

Fire Artists performing on stage during a Corporate Event. | Altus Entertainment
Duet Lightning Performers
Duet lightning performers who can produce up to 4 shows within 8 hours,Past clients include Disney, ABC, SeaWorld, EDC and more,Perfect for intimate or large crowds, gala dinners, corporate shows, and more
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Woman performing dynamic hula hoop routine on stage | Altus Entertainment
LED Circus Artist
LED Circus Artist with diverse circus acts,Performed in 25 countries,Worked with Cirque du Soleil, Cartoon Network,Specializes in diverse circus acts,Offers private coaching and educational workshops
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Bartender skillfully preparing cocktail near blazing fire in an entertainment venue | Altus Entertainment
Flair Bartender
Renowned World's Best Bartender with four titles to his name,Experience serving high-profile celebrities and directing elite bar programs,A unique blend of cocktail artistry and mesmerizing bartending performances,Expertise in luxury resort bar training, leading industry standards,A social media influencer with a significant following, showcasing industry-leading trends
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Aerial Fire Act performer entertains the audience by flying through the air with flames. | Altus Entertainment
Aerial Fire Act
Choice of "straps" or "fire star" fire act,Artist was featured on AGT,Unique and ethereal act
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Fire Artists performing acrobatics on top of fire. | Altus Entertainment
Fire or LED Performance Duo
They expertly combine juggling, dance, and roaming entertainment,Safe, mesmerizing LED alternatives,Fully insured, prioritizing safety for guests and venues,Tailored acts for any venue or event,Over 15 years of performance mastery
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A woman performing with an LED hula hoop on a grey background. | Altus Entertainment
Aerialist Performer
Performances can be ground-based or aerial rigging,Available as a solo, duo, or trio act ,Many costume choices to compliment your event theme,Versatile shows for diverse audiences,A creative blend of tradition and innovation
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A man in a costume with a lightning bolt in his hand performs a monstrous solo lightning show. | Altus Entertainment
Monstrous Solo Lightning Show
Solo lightning performer with the ability to add fire to their show ,An individual lightning performer creating a theatrical show while exerting 12ft bolts of heightened voltage electricity on stage ,Perfect for intimate or large crowds, gala dinners, corporate shows, and more
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Circus clown with top hat and gloves. | Altus Entertainment
Fire & Circus Performer
Internationally acclaimed with a trail of awe-inspiring performances,Collaborated with renowned circus groups like Boston Circus Guild, Esh Circus Arts, Off the Ground Circus, and A Different Spin,Electrifying stage presence that will leave your guests spellbound,Masterful skills in fire manipulation, creating mesmerizing visual displays
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A group of Fire Artists performing on a stage in front of a teepee. | Altus Entertainment
Monstrous Duo Lightning Show
Double the force and double the exhilaration as these lightning performers create an exciting theatrical performance on stage,Perfect for intimate or large crowds, gala dinners, corporate shows, and more ,Fully customizable shows that cater to each client's theme, logo, with the ability to add on features such as fire on stage
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Ignite the Night with a Spectacular Fire Show

Prepare to be captivated as Altus Entertainment presents its signature Fire Show, a sizzling performance that combines the daring artistry of Fire Dancers with the thrilling spectacle of Fire Jugglers. Each performer, a master in their craft, brings a unique element of excitement to your event, transforming it into an extraordinary experience.

Our Fire Dancers are not just performers; they are the embodiment of rhythm and flame, moving in sync with the beats, their bodies weaving stories through the air. The dance of fire is both mesmerizing and exhilarating, creating a visual feast that will leave your audience spellbound.

The excitement escalates as our Fire Jugglers take the stage. With their flawless techniques and heart-stopping stunts, they juggle flames, crafting a dance of danger and beauty. Their performance is a perfect blend of precision and flair, adding an edge to your event that your guests will talk about for years to come.

For a taste of exotic tradition, witness the mesmerizing skills of our Fire Knife Dancers. This unique act combines the cultural heritage of Polynesian dance with the daring skill of fire manipulation. Their performance is not just a display of talent; it's a celebration of history and bravery.

Whether it's for a grand outdoor event or an intimate gathering, our Fire Show is versatile enough to fit any setting. With safety as our top priority, each show is meticulously planned and executed to ensure a safe yet thrilling experience.