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Male Performer Holding Fire Torches in Hat Entertaining a Crowd | Altus Entertainment

Comedian Juggler and Flamethrower

booking highlights

   Mastery in juggling various objects, including torches, knives, and apples

   Offers comedy acts, unicycle riding, and customizable performances

   Comedian Juggler and Flamethrower for unique entertainment

   Customizable act for various events

   Tailors performances to meet the unique needs of different events

Services Offered

Comedian Juggler and Flamethrower PHOTOS

Add excitement to your next event with our Comedian Juggler and Flamethrower. An experienced performer from Toronto, our talented artist offers a unique blend of comedy and jugglery, guaranteed to keep your guests entertained and engaged. For those looking to book a comedian juggler, your search ends here.

With over 15 years of experience, our performer specializes in juggling various objects, including the sensational flamethrower, adding a thrilling layer to his act. His comedic style pairs perfectly with his juggling skills, delivering an amusing and awe-inspiring performance.

Our Comedian Juggler and Flamethrower has perfected the art of audience engagement, using his quick wit and impressive juggling prowess to keep guests fascinated throughout the performance. His act is versatile, making him the ideal entertainment for various events, from business parties to private celebrations.

Are you ready to give your guests an unforgettable experience? Hire a flamethrower for events and watch as our performer lights up the stage and fills the room with laughter. With our Comedian Juggler and Flamethrower, you're not just booking entertainment but kindling an unforgettable experience, igniting laughter, and sparking a night to remember.