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Winter Circus Performers

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   High-energy winter circus performances

   Spectacular fire and ice show options

   Captivating fire show with beautifully choreographed acts

   Customizable packages to suit your event's needs

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Step into a realm where the chill of winter meets the thrill of the circus with our phenomenal troupe of winter-themed circus performers. As they masterfully fuse the art of fire performance with the beauty of a winter wonderland, they bring an atmosphere of wonder and excitement to your event.

Marvel at our high-energy fire show, where talented circus themed performers breathe life into flames, choreographing a dance of fire that captivates and astounds. Their repertoire includes fire hoops, poi, and staff twirling, all intertwined with spectacular acrobatics and pyrotechnic displays that light up the night sky, creating moments etched in memory.

Beyond the scintillating fire shows, our performers can also enchant your guests as they roam in their winter characters throughout the day, or dazzle with a fire and ice-themed spectacle in the evening. With the ability to tailor their act to your specific event needs, they ensure that each performance is as unique as it is breathtaking.

Adorned in custom-made costumes and wielding state-of-the-art LED props, these performers don't just put on a show; they evoke the spirit of winter in a celebration of light, movement, and fantasy. Offering a festive and high-spirited experience, they are the perfect addition to any winter-themed gathering or event looking to add that extraordinary factor.

If you're looking to rent winter characters for festive shows, don't let the winter months pass by without the warmth and brilliance of our exceptional circus troupe. Hire frost themed acrobats for events now for an experience that shines as bright as the performances that will define it.


  • Niagara Winter Festival of Lights
  • Mac Cosmetics Toledo Campaign
  • Sole Power
  • Children’s Festival – Living Arts Centre
  • Hemlock Grove LED hoop performance
  • Mom Show
  • Television Francophone
  • Festival of Trees
  • International Harbour Front Circus Festival
  • Electric Island
  • Cinema Sugar Beach
  • Toronto BuskerFest
  • Port Credit Busker Festival
  • One Walk Cancer
  • Medieval Festival Waterloo
  • Boy’s and Girl’s Club Toronto
  • Toronto Island Frolic Theatre
  • Mississauga Waterfront Festival
  • University of Toronto Grange Festival
  • Creemore Festival
  • Mississauga Pep Rally
  • Edmonton International Street Performers Festival
  • Lunacy Cabaret
  • Harvest Festival
  • Cherry Bomb Pride Event
  • Digital Dreams Festival