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LED Cirque-style Performer

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   Based out of Montreal Canada, available for worldwide bookings

   Performance can include Hula Hoops, Poi Spinners, and acrobatics

   Artist can provide interactive animation with your brand

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Illuminate your event with the spellbinding allure of our LED hula hoop artist, where traditional performance art meets cutting-edge technology to mesmerize and delight all guests. Perfect for corporate events looking to make an impression or children's parties seeking to enchant, this competent circus performer for hire delivers a show that is as visually stunning as it is entertaining.

As she weaves through her routine, her LED hoops become brushes, painting a canvas of light in the air, conjuring visuals such as giant mandalas and the unfolding of bird wings. Her mastery of the hoops is evident as she effortlessly manipulates multiple rings at once, each movement a burst of color and wonder that captivates all who watch in the audience.

Her performance is a symphony of light, motion, and music, carefully orchestrated to complement your event's theme. With the ability to customize her music and costumes, she offers not just a show but an immersive experience as one of the best cirque style entertainers for hire; her performance is easily adaptable to reflect the unique atmosphere of your gathering no matter the occasion.

Prepare for a showcase that transcends typical entertainment—a feast for the senses that will enliven your occasion and leave your guests with lasting memories that will be remembered for years down the line. As one of the world class cirque-style acts, she provides the main attraction and enhances the ambiance with interactive animation; our LED hula hoop performer is the luminescent touch your event needs to shine.


  • Desjardns, Festival de Jazz, Ville de Montréal, Festival Complètement cirque, Kitko...