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Inspirational Comedic Speaker

booking highlights

   Infuses comedy and humor into his messages

   Touches the hearts of individuals from all walks of life, leaving a lasting impact

   Provides a unique perspective on overcoming obstacles and embracing one's true potential

   Adaptable performances suitable for a variety of events, from corporate functions to schools and universities

   Overcame life circumstances of being born without arms and having severely deformed legs

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When planning your next event, imagine the impact of an individual whose very life embodies the message of triumph and possibility. Our inspirational comedic speaker is not just a person; they are a living testament to the human spirit's power, a "Masterpiece In Progress," who has transformed physical adversity into a source of strength and inspiration.

Born without arms and with severely deformed legs, this remarkable human being has transcended what many would view as insurmountable challenges. Instead, they have crafted a life filled with accomplishment, joy, and service, all the while proving that the only real handicaps in life are those we place upon ourselves.

With an illustrious career spanning over five decades, our performer has graced television screens on variety shows and telethons, held audiences captive alongside icons like Barbara Mandrell and Zig Ziglar, and has even shared the stage with the venerable Mother Teresa during her U.S. visit.

But what truly sets this funny inspirational speaker apart is not just their ability to entertain; it is their innate talent for weaving humor with heartfelt storytelling, leaving audiences not only laughing but deeply moved. They offer more than just an act; they provide an experience that will compel your attendees to rethink the perceived limits and awaken to their fullest potential.

By booking a funny motivational speaker like ours, you invest in empowerment, enlightenment, and entertainment that resonates well beyond the event itself. This performer's unrivaled ability to connect with audiences, combined with their expertise in consulting on disability and accessibility issues, positions them as an invaluable contributor to any organization committed to diversity and inclusion.

Don't miss the opportunity to have this extraordinary individual light up your event with laughter and leave a legacy of motivation. Book our funny inspirational speakers for event needs today and ensure that your guests are inspired, engaged, and uplifted like never before.


  • HME
  • Gospel Music Association
  • Picadilly
  • Shoutlife
  • The Hales
  • A2B Sound


He is an individual that took a perceived disability by others and turned it into a gift that inspires others all around the world. He is a man of faith that shows all of us anything can be accomplished in life with the right attitude, mindset, and ability to use our strengths to help others.

Christopher Salem

Inspirational Comedic Speaker's presentation and message makes us realize that we limit our abilities through our beliefs and we create barriers as to what we can and can’t do. His message was both inspirational and motivational. The audience was mesmerized by his ability to perform and touch people’s lives in a way that has folks saying, ”If he can do what he does with his disabilities, I can accomplish more with my abilities and opportunities.” .He is a true “Masterpiece in Progress” but most importantly, he has a unique ability to inspire others that they too, are a “Masterpiece in Progress."

Grant Gravois

Inspirational Comedic Speaker, I’d like to say thank you for your very moving and inspirational performance during the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Hanger Education Fair. Your presentation was very well received by the attendees, and it set the stage for what many people thought was the most successful Education Fair we have ever had. The message you delivered after your vocal performance helped all of us at Hanger gain a greater appreciation for how the work we do impact our patients’ lives.Thank you again and best wishes.

Daryl Williams

I truly don’t think anyone has inspired our organization more than you. Your wit, enthusiasm and incredible voice has touched our people. You know to make people feel …like a Masterpiece In Progress.

Angelo Nardone