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Folk Rock Acoustic Guitarist

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   Versatile Folk Rock Acoustic Guitarist

   Performs covers and original music

   Family-friendly versatile performances

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Folk Rock Acoustic Guitarist PHOTOS

Bring a touch of genuine musical mastery to your event with our Folk Rock Acoustic Guitarist. With an impressive repertoire that spans multiple genres, our artist is set to deliver an unforgettable live music experience that will leave your guests captivated.

Our Folk Rock Acoustic Guitarist is a versatile performer specializing in Folk, Folk Rock, Celtic, Blues, Ragtime, Bluegrass, Classical, Country, Rock and Roll, and Smooth/Soft Jazz. Not just a blues guitarist; he's an all-around musician with signature styles demonstrating his prowess and depth as an artist.

He brings variety to each performance with a selection of four different guitars, delivering a rich acoustic sound that resonates with audiences of all ages. Also, as an excellent vocalist, he adds an extra layer of entertainment to his performances. His family-friendly music ensures that everyone can enjoy his performances regardless of age.

Our Folk Rock Acoustic Guitarist is more than a musician; he's a professional. He arrives on time, delivers fantastic performances, and is easy to work with. His ability to adapt to various settings, be it a small intimate gathering or a grand music festival, and dress accordingly makes him a reliable choice for any event.

Whether it's performing covers or his original music, our Folk Rock Acoustic Guitarist promises a memorable performance that will leave your guests talking about your event long after the final strum.

He has chops!!! We met over the phone when he called looking for a gig or two. After chatting for a while we agreed he should come play here at our shop. We all were pleasantly surprised at his style and skill. We are all seasoned band members and guitar players here and he greatly exceeded our expectations. Great originals! Great covers and just an all ‘round great guy. We recommend Wayne for sure!” - Ted Engstrom

Sunday Guitars

It was a pleasure to have you last weekend. I was really impressed with your wide range of styles and songs. From classic acoustic to slide and steel guitar, it was such a treat! I also really appreciated how you engaged the audience and took requests, even if you were unfamiliar with the songs they were asking for. Everyone had a great night and there were nothing but smiles.

New Colony Beer Co

What an articulate, passionate and jaw dropping acoustic guitarist he really is. He harks from my era…which was bonus. There were songs from Leo Kottke, Jorma Kaukonen, and some truly listenable and lyrical originals with a sense of humor. He has been around the block, and way down the street with his expertise…and it truly was luminary as he played his heart out into the setting sun.

Jeni Kaybe of the La Grande OR Music Scene