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Acrobatic Roller Skating Duo

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   High-energy, compact roller skating thrill

   Customizable acts for themed events

   International experience with diverse acts

   Performance art meets athleticism

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Elevate the energy of your event with the exhilarating performance of our Acrobatic Roller Skating Duo. Their high-tempo act, filled with clenched fists and captivated gasps, seamlessly transforms any large or small space into a whirlwind of acrobatics and excitement. Glide into an experience where diversity and every new day are celebrated through the art of movement and the thrill of the skate.

Our duo's daring Roller Skating show is designed to amaze with minimal space requirements, making it the perfect entertainment choice for any venue. Their adaptable style perfectly fits your event's theme, with customizable music, costumes, and atmosphere that will leave your audience spellbound.

When the moment calls for a change of pace, our performer's Aerial Silks and vertical dance routines provide a serene spectacle, balancing the thrill of the skate with the grace of the air. These acrobatic roller skating acts are not mere performances; they're a unique narrative woven with strength and elegance, celebrating what it means to truly enthrall an audience.

Whether it's for a corporate gala or an intimate gathering, this roller skating duo is synonymous with creating memorable experiences, where every spin and leap is an invitation to an unforgettable affair. With international acclaim and the versatility to cater to any thematic demand, they are the embodiment of entertainment that truly knows no bounds.


  • Hilltop Villa Barone, New York
  • Cirque du Soleil - Twas the night before Christmas
  • Varieté unter Sternen, Germany
  • RAW, Sweden
  • It´s a ship show, Virgin Voyage
  • Hansa Theater, Germany
  • Internationales OVAG Varieté, Germany
  • Gala, New year´s event, Ivory Coast, Africa
  • Cirque du Soleil, Twas the night before Christmas
  • Galaxie Entertainment at UCL, Chicago
  • Sinfonia Volante, Vertical dance show, Sweden
  • Variete et Cetera, Germany
  • Le Cirque Artists Live, Texas, USA
  • “ Zambooka” produced by Brian Burke, America´s got talent, Mediterranean
  • Stunt actress in the TV-show “Partisan” by Warner Brothers
  • Aerial dance in the hot air balloon “Pust”, Kulturfestivalen, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Choreographer for 14 pop-up acts performed at Cirkus Safari, Sweden
  • Abra Kadabra Clap school show, Sweden, artist and choreographer
  • Kaj´s diner drive in show, Sweden
  • Live TV-show ZDF-Fernsehgarten, Germany
  • Golden Buzzer winners, Sweden got talent final, Sweden
  • New Years show at the 5*Amathus hotel, Cyprus
  • Thursford Christmas Spectacular, England
  • Cirque du Soleil, Mediterranean
  • Corporate event, OceanDiva, Germany
  • Cabaret, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Roncalli, Käfer Galas, Germany
  • Roncalli, Germany
  • Gala, Beckum, Germany
  • Gala, Kurhaus Casino, Baden-Baden, Germany
  • Wintergarten Tour "Relax", Denmark and Germany
  • Gala, Kesselhaus, Düsseldorf Germany
  • Comic Con, Kista mässan, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Variety Show, La Folie Rouge, Lebanon
  • Gala at the Cinnamon hotel, Sri Lanka
  • Corporate Event, Monte Carlo
  • MSC Corporate Event, Switzerland
  • City Festival, Norrköping, Sweden
  • Tour, India
  • Corporate Event, Ingelstad Shopping Mall, Sweden
  • Varieté Et cetera, Bochum, Germany
  • City Festival, Dreieich, Germany
  • Corporate Event, Hannover, Germany
  • Hansa Theater, Hamburg, Germany
  • Cruise Ship MSC Lirica
  • Corporate Event “Guldstänket”, Västerås, Sweden
  • New Year’s Variety Show, Herdern, Switzerland
  • GOP Corporate Event, Saarbrücken, Germany
  • Krystallpalast Varieté, Leipzig, Germany
  • City Festival, Koblenz, Germany
  • Cruise Ship MSC Poesia
  • Variety Show, Chennai, India
  • Cruise Ship. Ibero Cruceros Grand Mistral
  • Circus, Riga, Latvia
  • Corporate Event, Braunschweig, Germany
  • Circus Festival, Latina, Italy
  • Cruise Ship MSC Poesia