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Male and female performer executing handstand stunt at entertainment convention | Altus Entertainment

Top-Tier Acrobats & Balancers

booking highlights

   High-energy acrobats tailor shows to suit your event's theme

   Indoor and outdoor performance versatility

   Costumes designed to complement any themed event

   Aerial duo and group acts available

   Fire-enhanced acts for extra drama

   Gravity-defying acrobatic artistry

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Stretch your event into an extraordinary spectacle by choosing to hire award-winning acrobats available to hire through us. Immerse your guests in the thrilling world of top-tier acrobats & balancers, where gravity-defying performances meet unparalleled artistry and athleticism. Our acrobatic troupe delivers high-energy acts that blend elegant choreographies with breathtaking stunts on silks, trapezes, and beyond.

From the intimacy of private parties to the grandeur of corporate events, these best acrobats and acrobatic performers tailor their acts to complement any theme or setting, indoors or out. Watch in awe as they execute flawless hand balancing acts, twirl through the air with the greatest of ease, and add a spark of fire to the show for those seeking a dash of the dramatic.

Our award-winning acrobats available to hire are not just performers; they are artisans of the air, sculpting moments of wonder that linger in the memory well after the curtain falls. Whether you prefer the synchronized beauty of a Duo, the dynamic complexity of Group Acrobatics, or the sheer spectacle of pyrotechnic-enhanced routines, our acts promise to captivate and amaze audiences of all ages.

With us, booking the best hand balancing acts and acrobatic displays guarantees your event's success. Let the spirit of the circus infuse your event with energy, elegance, and excitement. Contact your entertainment specialist to hire acrobats that will propel your occasion to new heights of entertainment.