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Two male performers poised in front of an entertainment bar venue | Altus Entertainment

Shot Girls for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers roving shot girls and guys for hire to kick-start your event's energy and happy hour. They provide a wide range of beverages, including custom creations, while mingling with your guests and breaking the ice. These hosts can adapt to your event's theme and even offer non-alcoholic options.

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Two male performers poised in front of an entertainment bar venue | Altus Entertainment
Traveling Bartending Service
Upscale mixology at your chosen venue,Tailored drink menus for any theme,Full-service bartending and rentals,Expert bartenders enhance every event,Convenient, mobile bar experience
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Shot Girls and Shot Guys for Events and Parties

Crank up the energy and get happy hour started the moment your guests walk in the door with Altus Entertainment's roving shot girls and guys. These charismatic hosts are here to make your event unforgettable.

Our shot girls for hire work the room, mingling with your guests, and breaking the ice effortlessly. They offer a wide range of well-known beverages, ensuring that your attendees have a delightful and refreshing experience. But that's not all – we can also work with you to create custom beverages that reflect your event's theme, incorporate your brands, or pay homage to your featured guest or organization.

To add an extra layer of immersion, our shot girls for hire can even wear outfits designed to blend seamlessly with the theme of your event, ensuring that every detail is in harmony.

If it better suits your event and audience, our hosts are more than capable of offering non-alcoholic creations, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the experience.

For events with a cash bar, our shot girls for hire can play a pivotal role in boosting drink sales, all while providing your guests with a special and memorable beverage experience. They are the perfect blend of entertainment and service.

Altus Entertainment is dedicated to enhancing your event, making it more vibrant, engaging, and enjoyable. When you choose our roving shot girls and guys, you're choosing to elevate the energy and create a memorable experience for your guests.