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Pantomimes: A World of Expression Beyond Words

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Pantomimes with Altus Entertainment. Our engaging Pantomime Shows feature talented pantomimers who masterfully tell stories and create humor without a single word, ensuring a delightful experience for all.

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An entertainer dressed as the Grinch poses in front of a pool at a children and family show. | Altus Entertainment
Holiday Walk-Around Entertainment
Diverse holiday characters for joyful interaction,Festive carolers for a musical ambiance,Engaging acts for memorable photo ops,Tailored entertainment for all holiday events,Joyful and immersive festive experience
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Mime Duet | Altus Entertainment
Mime Duet
Captivating silent storytelling,Unique dance and acrobatic routines,Perfect for interactive entertainment,Customizable performances for any theme,Engage and mesmerize your guests
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Santa Claus sitting in a chair | Altus Entertainment
Santa Claus Performers
Authentic Santa Claus holiday magic ,Photo ops with Santa and his helpers ,Can pass out presents or any other items,Brings Christmas joy to guests of all ages
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Children's Walk-Around Entertainment | Altus Entertainment
Children's Walk-Around Entertainment
Wide range of popular children's characters,Joyful interactivity and photo opportunities,Ideal for birthdays and family events,Ensured safety with experienced performers,Unforgettable sing-along celebrations
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Daft Punk, renowned electronic music duo in a promotional image for the Entertainment company | Altus Entertainment
Mirror Man Mimes
Interactive, immersive light and dance show,Customizable high-energy spectacle,Unique laser guitar and violin effects,Perfect for corporate and private events,Reflective suits create mesmerizing visuals
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A female performer dressed in skeleton costume waving a monochrome flag at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious Mime Artist
Hilarious mime artist that will have you in tears from laughter ,Brings joy to audiences of all ages ,Ideal for children’s events ,Comedic meet-and-greet entertainment
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Easter Walk-Around Entertainment | Altus Entertainment
Easter Walk-Around Entertainment
Delightful Easter Bunny interactions,Perfect for photo opportunities,Experienced and insured performers,Ideal for egg hunts and walk-around fun,Eye-catching performers and walkabout acts
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Discover the Charm of Our Pantomime Shows and Talented Pantomimes

Step into the whimsical world of Pantomimes, where storytelling transcends words, and laughter is the universal language. At Altus Entertainment, we specialize in bringing this unique and enchanting form of theater to life, perfect for audiences of all ages.

Our Pantomime Show is a delightful blend of humor, drama, and the unexpected. Watch in awe as our skilled pantomimers weave tales without uttering a single word, relying solely on their expressive actions and clever visual gags. It's a magical experience that connects with the child in everyone, sparking joy and wonder with every exaggerated gesture and comedic timing.

The art of pantomime is an age-old tradition, yet it remains as captivating today as ever. Whether you're hosting a family-friendly event or looking for something different to entertain guests at a corporate function, our Pantomimes are sure to leave your audience thoroughly entertained and amused.

Each performance is a masterclass in the craft of non-verbal storytelling. From classic fairy tales retold in our unique style to original stories that unfold in hilariously unexpected ways, our pantomimers are experts at engaging and delighting their audience.