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Altus Entertainment offers sensational Lady Gaga tribute acts, perfect for adding a touch of star-quality entertainment to any event. Our tribute artists capture the essence of Lady Gaga’s dynamic performances, from her hit songs and dance routines to her iconic fashion, creating an immersive and authentic concert experience that's ideal for corporate functions, parties, fundraisers, and festivals.

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A woman in a white fur coat posing on a chair for Gala Entertainment or Holiday Party Entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Madonna Tribute Vegas
Authentic Madonna musical journey,Impeccable vocals, captivating dance routines, and stunning costumes,Captivating tributes to other iconic blondes like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and Marilyn Monroe,High-energy show that leaves the audience in awe and wanting more,Relive the magic of these legendary performers in one unforgettable production
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A female performer glittering in a silver sequined costume | Altus Entertainment
Lady Gaga Impersonator
Outstanding live vocals and choreography that echo Lady Gaga's performances,Available with a team of professional Lady Gaga Dancers for an authentic concert experience,The added option of Live Piano performances for an intimate touch,Based in the entertainment capital of Las Vegas, guaranteeing a high-quality show,A cover performer and lookalike who captures not just Gaga's look, but her essence
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Lady Gaga Tribute Shows for Events and Parties

Elevate your event to new heights of entertainment with Altus Entertainment's Lady Gaga tribute acts. When you hire a Lady Gaga tribute for your event, you're not just booking a performance; you're bringing the essence of one of the most dynamic and talented singers of our time to your guests. Our Lady Gaga tribute artists are more than just impersonators; they embody the charisma, style, and energy of Lady Gaga herself, ensuring a true concert experience.

Each of our Lady Gaga tribute shows is a spectacular showcase of her greatest hits. From pop anthems to dance favorites and the timeless standards of the Great American Songbook, our tribute artists perform with an authenticity that mirrors Gaga's own versatility and artistic evolution. The performances are complete with high-energy dance routines and some of Gaga's most iconic and memorable outfits, adding an extra layer of authenticity and excitement to the event.

Our Lady Gaga tribute acts are skilled in curating the perfect setlist to match the mood and theme of your event. Whether you're hosting a corporate function, a holiday party, a fundraiser, or a festival, our tribute artists work with you to create a musical experience that resonates with your audience and fits seamlessly into your event's atmosphere.

What sets our Lady Gaga tribute booking apart is the attention to detail and commitment to quality. Our artists are dedicated to delivering performances that capture the spirit of Lady Gaga’s shows, ensuring that every note, every move, and every outfit contributes to an unforgettable experience for your guests.

The universal appeal of Lady Gaga’s music makes our tribute acts perfect for a wide range of audiences. Her songs transcend generations and genres, making our tribute shows a hit with fans of all ages. Whether your guests are long-time Lady Gaga fans or new to her music, they will be swept up in the energy and spectacle of the performance.

In conclusion, choosing Altus Entertainment for your Lady Gaga tribute act means choosing an experience that is vibrant, authentic, and memorable. Our Lady Gaga tribute artists bring a level of professionalism and passion to their performances that is unmatched. Book a Lady Gaga tribute show with us today and give your guests a taste of the excitement and flair that only a Lady Gaga concert can provide.