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Elevate your event with Altus Entertainment’s mesmerizing pole dancers, for an electrifying and elegant addition to your event. Our performers, including Podium & Pole Dancers for Hire, bring a combination of acrobatic skill and artistic expression, ensuring a memorable experience with a touch of exotic pole dancing.

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Sway Pole Performers | Altus Entertainment
Sway Pole Performers
Fully self-contained entertainment,Awe-inspiring acrobatic performances,Perfect for theme parks and events
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Two pole dancers performing acrobatics against a vibrant blue sky background at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Lollipop And Pole Aerialists
Captivating aerial artistry on lollipop hoops,Elite silks and pole performances,Freestanding equipment for versatile performance,Choreographed beauty high above the ground,Minimal setup, maximum impact acts
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Stunning Stilt Pole Dancer-Copy | Altus Entertainment
Stunning Stilt Pole Dancer-Copy
Available for bookings throughout The United States,High-energy stilt pole dancer will captivate you with an explosive and awe-inspiring performance,Features a variety of music options to fit any theme or event,Optional team of dancers can be included,Ideal entertainment choice for black tie events, festivals, private parties and more
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Man and Woman Showcasing Skilled Pole Performance for Entertainment | Altus Entertainment
Gravity-Defying Pole Duo
Performed in 25 countries and all over the U.S. on cruise ships and cirque tours,Featured on ABC, NBC, and Telemundo,Pole and hand balance routines can be tailored for event needs,Aerial acrobatics feature choreographed routines to music,Graceful act that combines both strength and poise
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A young man in a white shirt performing on a stage during a Labor Day Entertainment event. | Altus Entertainment
Juggling Pole Artist
Captivating performances combining balloon juggling, Chinese pole, light juggling, and tree balancing,Vast experience performing at galas, for renowned circus companies, and international festivals,Acclaimed graduate from École de Cirque de Québec,Versatile performer who can adapt the show to any type of event,Unparalleled entertainment that leaves audiences in awe
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Two performers on a mirrored aerial hoop in extravagant white and silver outfits against a background of pink drapes and glitter, illuminated by warm gold lighting, creating a luxurious, fantasy-like ambiance at the event. | Altus Entertainment
Mirrored Acrobat Duo
Awe-inspiring mirrored acrobatics performed on a V-shaped ground based rig,Unique blend of ground-based aerial maneuvers and acrobatic skill,An act that requires no rigging, offering flexibility for various venues,Perfect for adding an element of sophistication and wonder to any event,A duo renowned for their precision, artistry, and innovative performances
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Hire Pole Dancers for Events and Parties

Elevate the energy and allure of your event with Altus Entertainment's option to hire pole dancers. Our talented artists blend strength, grace, and artistic expression into each performance, ensuring a captivating experience for your guests.

Pole dancing, once a niche art form, has evolved into a celebrated display of athleticism and elegance. When you hire pole dancers from our roster, you're not just getting a dance performance; you're bringing a sophisticated, acrobatic art form to your event. Our dancers' routines are tastefully crafted and suitable for a variety of settings, from nightclubs to private parties.

Looking to add more variety? Consider our Podium Dancers for hire. They add an additional layer of excitement to any event, from dance floors to stage shows. Our Podium & Pole Dancers for Hire are perfect for events seeking to create an energetic and engaging atmosphere.

Our performances can also include exotic pole dancing, which combines the athleticism of a pole with the sensuality of dance, creating a mesmerizing experience that is both elegant and exciting.