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Performer gently cradling a tortoise in hands during entertainment event | Altus Entertainment

Hire Petting Zoos

Unleash joy at your next event with Altus Entertainment’s mobile petting zoos! Opt to hire petting zoos and gift your guests an interactive, educational, and utterly delightful animal attraction experience tailored for parties of all kinds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our petting zoos feature a variety of animals including bunnies, goats, and more, all of which are friendly and love interacting with guests.

Yes, experienced and knowledgeable handlers supervise our petting zoos to ensure a safe and educational experience for all.

We offer flexible packages that can be tailored to fit your event’s theme and requirements, making each petting zoo experience unique and special.

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Performer gently cradling a tortoise in hands during entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Reptile Party
Customizable to fit your event theme,Touch and learn amazing reptile facts,Safe, supervised reptile handling,Family-friendly entertainment
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Hire Petting Zoos for Events or Parties

Delight, educate, and entertain your guests in a unique way by choosing to hire petting zoos from Altus Entertainment for your next gathering. Our mobile petting zoos for parties are a whirlwind of joy, learning, and interactive fun that leaves both kids and adults fascinated. With a diverse array of friendly and gentle animals ranging from the softest bunnies to playful goats, our petting zoos offer an experience where guests can not only see but also touch, feed, and engage with these wonderful creatures.

Under the watchful and experienced eyes of our handlers, guests can safely interact with the animals, learning about their habits, their ways of life, and interesting facts that make each animal unique. It’s not just about the fun; it’s about creating an environment where learning meets joy, where children can be introduced to the diversity of the animal kingdom, understanding the importance of respect, care, and love for all living beings.

But we at Altus Entertainment understand that no two parties are the same. Each event is a unique canvas, and we offer flexible packages designed to fit into your theme, your vision, and your budget seamlessly. Whether it’s a petting zoo for birthday party, an educational school event, or a grand community festival, our petting zoos can be tailored to provide an experience that resonates with the atmosphere and leaves your guests with memories they will cherish forever.

So, if you are looking to hire petting zoos that bring not just animals but also an unforgettable experience to your doorstep, Altus Entertainment is your go-to destination. With our commitment to quality, education, and fun, our petting zoos are more than just an attraction; they are where memories are made, where learning is fun, and where every party becomes unforgettable. Contact us today to rent a petting zoo!