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Halloween Entertainment Acts for Hire

Altus Entertainment delivers an unparalleled Halloween entertainment experience with a variety of themed performers and activities. Our magicians, flair bartenders, fortune tellers, face painters, and storytellers create a captivating and interactive atmosphere, ensuring a memorable and thrilling Halloween event for all attendees.

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A group of people playing roulette at a casino during a themed entertainment event. | Altus Entertainment
Casino Night Event
Casino Parties delivered anywhere in the Pacific Northwest,Fun and exciting casino night event,Night at the Derby video horse racing events,Customizable to your event needs,Expert staffing with friendly and professional dealers
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Businessman in formal suit and woman elegantly holding a luxury bottle of champagne | Altus Entertainment
Crystal Champagne Aerial Act
Crystal Champagne Aerial Act for unforgettable events,Combines aerial artistry with elegant bartending,Experienced performers for high-profile events,Customizable costumes to fit event themes,Full public liability insurance,Unique entertainment with a glamorous twist
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Circus performer woman showcasing acrobatics on high rope at entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Trapeze Aerial Artist
Years of dedicated training and performance experience,Deep understanding of the body and its efficient use,Captivating performances that combine strength and artistic expression,Trusted instructor with a talent for explaining complex concepts,Creates moments of magic that leave audiences in awe
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A group of Retro Candy Girls dressed in red and white striped dresses. | Altus Entertainment
Retro Candy Girls
These hostesses are professional and offer a fantastic, unique event service,The range of vintage-style outfits is available in 1920s to1950s fashion to match any occasion or theme,High-quality talent that has been booked world-wide
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A woman in a butterfly costume posing in front of a blue background. | Altus Entertainment
Lady DJ with LED Costumes
Enchanting atmosphere with video animated LED wings,Seamless mixes and vibrant energy,Tailored performance to meet your specific event needs,Choice of two different LED winged costumes
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A bald man demonstrating a spinning disc for a performance | Altus Entertainment
Hypnotist Expert
Hypnotist Expert for an unforgettable comedy show,Turns guests into stars of the show,Customizes performance for any audience,Expertise in hypnotism performance,Provides both educational and entertaining experiences
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A group of women posing in front of a city skyline | Altus Entertainment
All-Female A Cappella
Harmonies that elevate any occasion,Versatile a cappella arrangements for all events,Six person a cappela group with astounding sound offering live event music with the twist,All female group can be a headline show or provide ambient music tailored to any event
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Female performer skillfully wielding twin knives before a vibrant red curtain on stage | Altus Entertainment
Team Building Magic Shows
Team building game shows fully customized to the event,Unique Team Building Magic Shows , Promotes collaboration and communication ,Engaging trade show brand-building,Immersive close-up magic experiences,Mentalism that bridges mind and miracle
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Image may contain person | Altus Entertainment
Grateful Dead Tribute Band
Authentic Grateful Dead musical journey,Versatile setlist from classic rock icons,Professional musicians with epic performances,Customized sets tailored to your event,Relive the Golden Era with every note
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Halloween Party Entertainers for Events and Parties

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with Altus Entertainment's extraordinary selection of Halloween party entertainers. Our offerings are not just about providing entertainment; they're about creating an immersive, spine-tingling Halloween experience that will leave your guests both thrilled and delighted. Whether you're planning a private party or a large-scale Halloween event, our entertainers are sure to add that extra touch of eerie magic and unexpected frights.

Our magicians, skilled in the art of the supernatural, will amaze your guests with spectacular tricks that defy gravity, turning your event into a realm of mystical wonder. Meanwhile, our flair bartenders go beyond mere drink mixing; they concoct custom cocktails that look as though they've been brewed straight from a witch's cauldron, adding a dash of the extraordinary to your Halloween festivities.

Beyond these, our Halloween party entertainment encompasses a range of performers perfect for the season: fortune tellers to unveil mysteries, gypsies to add a touch of the mystical, and fire breathers to light up the night. Our face painters transform guests into outlandish Halloween characters, using their artistic talents to turn your guests into walking canvases of the macabre.

But the fun doesn't stop there. For those seeking an interactive experience, we offer escape activities that challenge guests to work together to evade zombies or solve chilling mysteries. And for a touch of traditional Halloween storytelling, our storytellers captivate audiences with ghost stories, tailored to be age-appropriate and spine-tingling.

Choosing Altus Entertainment for your Halloween entertainment means opting for a devilishly good time. Our Halloween actors and party entertainers are not just performers; they're artisans of the eerie, dedicated to making your Halloween event a night of unforgettable thrills and fun.

In summary, turn to Altus Entertainment for all your Halloween party entertainment needs. With our diverse range of Halloween performers, interactive activities, and captivating performances, we guarantee a Halloween event that is both spine-chilling and spellbindingly fun. Book with us today and let us bring the spirit of Halloween to life at your event.