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Hire a Calligrapher from Altus and elevate your event with the timeless art of calligraphy also known as Letter Artists. Our skilled calligraphy artists can add elegance to your occasion with hand-lettered artistry in various languages. Book top rated calligraphers today and impress your guests with the beauty of calligraphy.

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A collection of black and gold calligraphy cards perfect for Convention and Conference Entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Calligraphy and Product Customization
Over a decade of industry experience,Versatile in event calligraphy and engraving,Personalized artistry for memorable gifts,Customizable to promote your brand,Combining traditional art with modern elegance
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Event Design and Corporate Gifts engraving | Altus Entertainment
Calligraphy Engraver
Produce unforgettable gifts for your clients and guests with bottles they will want to keep forever ,Decades of experience,Specializes in teaching others how to engrave memorable items,Appeared in over 100 public television markets in the US
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Black and gold calligraphy cards featuring various performers displayed on a table in an entertainment setting. | Altus Entertainment
Calligraphy Sketcher
Elegance in every stroke,Luxury calligraphy for high-end events,Craftsmanship with celebrity acclaim,Tailored art for bespoke experiences,Over a decade of artistic excellence
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A woman is writing Chinese calligraphy on a table for hire as unique entertainment at corporate events or stage shows. | Altus Entertainment
Traditional Chinese Calligraphy Artist
Talented Chinese calligrapher that preserves traditional art in her work ,Paints on various surfaces such as papyrus, stone and fabric, and more ,Brings authentic cultural experience to events ,Artwork displayed in prominent NYC locations
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A woman holding up a sign with Chinese calligraphy for Lunar New Year Entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Virtual Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
Tranquil artistry of ancient Chinese tradition,Enhances remote team bonding and creativity,Tailored for all skill levels and interests,Led by a celebrated and experienced calligrapher,Perfect unique and fun team bonding activity
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Calligrapher for Hire for Events!

Calligraphy is an art form that involves creating beautiful texts and lettering using writing tools such as pencils, pens, or brushes. It is a highly expressive and artistic discipline that requires precision and skill. Inquire about our handwritten calligraphy services and the best hand Lettering Artists for hire.

At Altus Entertainment, we can help you find the right writer for your project. Here's how it works:

  1. Share your needs with our specialist: By discussing your project with our specialist, you can determine the skills and requirements you're looking for in a calligrapher, as well as the specific type of work needed.
  2. Let us locate the best talent: Once we understand your project's scope, we will source the best calligraphy talent for you.
  3. Review candidates: We will create a shortlist of calligraphers for you to review and select the best fit for your project.

When working with Altus Entertainment, it's important to consider:

By partnering with Altus Entertainment, you can find the perfect calligrapher for your project and bring your vision to life in a very beautiful and artistic way.