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Altus Entertainment offers immersive Australian-themed entertainment, featuring indigenous dancers, didgeridoo players, bush bands, and Aboriginal painters. Tailored for various events, our acts ensure an authentic and memorable cultural experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Australian-themed show features performances like didgeridoo music, indigenous dancing, bush bands, and live Aboriginal art creation.

Yes, we offer interactive workshops, including didgeridoo playing and traditional dot painting, providing guests with an opportunity for cultural immersion.

Yes, our performers can tailor their acts to seamlessly integrate with your event's theme, creating a cohesive and authentic Australian experience.

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Hilarious Steve Irwin Lookalike | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious Steve Irwin Lookalike
Get ready for laughter as this Steve Irwin impersonator wrestles ginormous crocs, tames fake venomous snakes, and showcases his authentic Aussie accent with guests ,Open as a walkabout act that will meet and greet your guests, pose for selfies and socialize with your guests ,Ideal for themed events, corporate occasions, private parties, zoos, grand openings, charity events and more,Available for worldwide events, based in Adelaide Australia
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Australian Themed Entertainers for Events and Parties

Discover the vibrant heart of Australia with Altus Entertainment's exclusive range of Australian-themed entertainment. When you choose to hire Australian themed acts from us, you're not just adding a performance to your event; you're creating an immersive cultural journey that will captivate and enchant your guests.

Our Australian themed show for hire brings the rich tapestry of Australia's heritage to life. From the beautiful melodies of the didgeridoo to the dynamic energy of indigenous dancers, each performance is a celebration of Australia's unique cultural identity. Our bush bands will have your guests tapping their feet to traditional ballads and contemporary tunes, creating an atmosphere that's both festive and authentically Australian.

But our offerings extend beyond music and dance. Our Aboriginal painters can create mesmerizing artworks live at your event, offering a visual feast that tells stories of ancient traditions and the land's spirit. Interactive workshops, such as didgeridoo playing and traditional dot painting, provide hands-on experiences that deepen the cultural immersion.

When you hire Australian themed entertainers from Altus, you're ensuring that your event stands out with a distinctive flair. Whether it's a corporate gala, a cultural festival, or a private party, our performers adapt to your event's theme, ensuring an authentic and memorable Australian experience. Hire Australian themed acts from us and let us transform your event into a vibrant celebration of Australia's rich cultural heritage.