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A man in a suit and tie delivering an inspiring comedic gesture. | Altus Entertainment

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Fill any event with laughter and joy by hiring our After Dinner and Comedy Hosts. Perfect for any gathering, they offer tailored humor and engaging entertainment, ensuring your guests leave with unforgettable memories.

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A man in a suit performing magic tricks at an Easter party. | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious and Witty Magician
A high-demand comedic magician that offers a unique style, quick wit & completely original magic & illusions,Has performed for over 3,000 shows including Hollywood celebrity events, Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, and Royalty,Standard pick for corporate events, private functions, casinos, cruise ships and more,Shows include original magic that you won't see from any other magician
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A Hilarious and Witty Magician wearing a mask while holding playing cards. | Altus Entertainment
Virtual Comedy Magician
Over 1,000 shows at the Magic Castle,Tailored interactive virtual magic experiences,Comedy fused with astonishing illusions,Virtual entertainer with Hollywood recognition,Professional productions for family-friendly fun
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Performer wearing a vibrant green hat during entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Comedian Accountant
A unique comedic perspective from a professional accountant,Specialized humor that turns the world of accounting into a source of comedy,Ideal for corporate events, offering clean stand-up comedy,Experienced in warming up crowds for comedy greats,A fresh Corporate Comedian Act that brings Accounting Comedy to life
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A bald man demonstrating a spinning disc for a performance | Altus Entertainment
Hypnotist Expert
Hypnotist Expert for an unforgettable comedy show,Turns guests into stars of the show,Customizes performance for any audience,Expertise in hypnotism performance,Provides both educational and entertaining experiences
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A woman holding a microphone in front of a sign that says comedy night at the inn | Altus Entertainment
Female Comedic Event Host
Versatile act suitable for any event theme,Over 15 years of comedic experience,Perfect blend of stand-up and improv,Tailored comedic sets for personalized touch,Notable appearances on renowned shows
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An award-winning female comedian wearing glasses and a striped hat. | Altus Entertainment
Female Comedian for Events
Experienced and acclaimed female stand-up comedian,Award-winning performances with distinctive comedic style,Infectious energy and intelligent, quirky humor ,Participated in several prestigious comedy festivals, Guaranteed to transform any event into a laughter-filled occasion
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A man in a suit and tie delivering an inspiring comedic gesture. | Altus Entertainment
Inspiring Comedian
Laughter mixed with life-affirming tales,Virtual event comedy speciality,Tailored humor for any corporate theme,National TV presence and acclaim,Overcomes adversity with wit and wisdom
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Professional male performer in suit and tie smiling for the camera | Altus Entertainment
Comical Keynote Speaker
Laughter-laced presentations with substance,Decades of comedy and keynote experience,Customized humor for corporate audiences,Renowned comic presence on national platforms
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A comedic performer wearing a hat and vest entertains the audience on stage with a microphone. | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious Experienced Comedian
Customized comedy for any event,Celebrity-praised comedic style,Laughter-infused corporate engagement,Relatable humor resonates with all demographics,Nationally acclaimed stand-up talent
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Comedy Show Hosts for Your Next Event

 In the world of events, the perfect ending is often as crucial as the beginning. With our after dinner and comedy hosts, you're not just hiring a performer; you're ensuring that your event concludes on a high note, filled with laughter and memorable moments. Our hosts are adept at tailoring their routines to suit your event's theme, whether it's poking fun at your company, celebrating your traditions, or honoring a special guest.

Imagine your guests, relaxed after a delightful meal, and ready to burst into laughter as our comedy hosts take the stage. Their expertise lies not just in stand-up comedy but in seamlessly weaving humor into various segments of your event, be it awards presentations, raffles, or auctions. They're the masters of late-night comedy, transforming your event into something akin to a live comedy show.

Our comedy hosts and speakers are versatile, able to adjust their material to suit the audience, whether it's a family-friendly gathering or an adult-only affair. This adaptability makes them perfect for any event, ensuring that the humor is always on point and appropriate.

Moreover, our comedy club hosts bring an element of surprise and spontaneity to your event. They're not just speakers; they're entertainers who understand the rhythm of a successful event. Their ability to engage with the audience, to bring a room full of diverse individuals together through the universal language of laughter, is what sets them apart.

In choosing to hire comedy hosts from Altus Entertainment, you're choosing to end your event on a note of joy and unity. It's not just about the jokes or the laughter; it's about creating an atmosphere where every guest leaves with a smile, a story to tell, and a memory to cherish.