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Clever and Witty Stand-Up Comedian

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   Clean and smart standup comedy

   Brings a unique West Coast charm

   Clever punchlines and insightful reflections

   Dramatic flair that enhances his comedy

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Step into the laughter-filled world of our seasoned stand-up comedian, whose journey through the comedic landscape has seen him light up stages across the United States. Now residing in the entertainment mecca of Los Angeles, he's known as being one of the funniest stand up performers and brings an infectious West Coast charm to every performance.

From his roots in sunny San Diego, this comedian's hilarious jokes and witty one-liners on the nuances of everyday life have landed him on television screens and the iconic comedy stages of Las Vegas, where he regularly shares the spotlight with some of the industry's biggest names.

His act is more than just a series of jokes; it's a performance. With a background in acting, he elevates his stand-up routines, giving them a dramatic edge that adds depth to his already captivating humor. Known for his rapid-fire delivery and insightful takes on shared experiences, he naturally connects with audiences from diverse walks of life.

Whether he's weaving a side-splitting tale from a mundane event or landing punchlines with precision, his comedy promises a night of unbridled joy and entertainment. From the coziness of intimate clubs to the grandeur of theaters, his talent for engaging with the crowd and keeping the laughs coming is unmatched.

So when you're looking to hire a funny stand up comedian that's as sharp as it is charming, look no further than this comedic gem. Book our West Coast charmer for an evening filled with wit, warmth, and an unforgettable array of laughter.