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Stand-up Comedian

booking highlights

   Relatable humor from a seasoned pro

   Multifaceted talent in comedy and beyond

   Engaging, laugh-out-loud stand-up performances

   Versatile comic for diverse events

   Brings life experiences to the comedy stage

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Laughter is guaranteed when you hire a Stand-up Comedian with a track record as impressive as our seasoned comedian. With an extensive background in stand-up and acting, writing, directing, and producing, our performer knows exactly how to craft a joke that hits home every time. His unique perspective comes from a life full of diverse experiences, from the plains of East Africa to the disciplines of India and the suburbs of New Jersey.

When you're searching for a seasoned comedian for hire, you want someone who can dive into the absurdities of daily life with a sense of wisdom and a barrel of laughs. Our comedian intertwines tales of family life, aging, and cultural oddities with a self-deprecating and uplifting delivery. His humorous anecdotes resonate with everyone in the room, turning personal tales into universal truths that spark laughter and joy.

Perfect for corporate events, private parties, or any gathering that needs a dose of good humor, our comic for your party adapts skillfully to any audience. From intimate clubs to major theaters and everything in between, he brings the spirit of the greats like Johnny Carson and George Carlin to your event, ensuring a night of merriment and memorable punchlines.

Transform your event into the year's highlight with our comic's captivating and hilariously relatable performance. It's not just a show; it's an experience that will have your guests talking, chuckling, and recalling their favorite jokes for a long time.

  • Gotham Comedy Club
  • Levity Live
  • Bedford Playhouse
  • Brook Arts Center
  • Schoolhouse Theater
  • White Plains Performing Arts Center
  • The Turning Point Cafe