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Yo-Yo Trick and Variety Performer

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   World Yo-yo champion, this talented performer has the ability to entertain audiences with his captivating skills

   Features Family-friendly performances that incorporate his yo-yo tricks, juggling spin top, and comedy

   Has made appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman (twice), The Late Late Show with James Corden, America’s Got Talent and the NBC Nightly News

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in Madison, WI

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He'll be the life of any party with his yo-yo skills. He can do impressions, tell jokes and stories - all while keeping you entertained for hours while doing tricks with his yo-yo! Our professional yo-yo and spin top performer will amaze your guests with his incredible talents. He's a true world-class entertainer! This yo-yo champion will be sure to delight your guests with his tricks, as they'll be astonished by his performance. Whether it be yo-yo tricks or juggling objects, our performer can keep the audience captivated with his shows. They also have a healthy dose of dry humor which makes for entertaining viewing! He's one of the most captivating performers in this business, and his personality will surely connect with you. You won't be disappointed! This yo-yo performer frequently engages with his audience for audience participation during his performance as he invites members on stage.  

His skills are so incredible that he can do anything from tricks like the atom smasher, brain twister, and old favorites such as walking the dog. He’s a world-class entertainer who can captivate an entire audience with his wit and charm. With a single prop, the performer can create an act that can be tailored specifically for your needs. Guest cannot speak English? No problem! With his talent, he can perform any routine without using words and even incorporate music into it. The yo-yo performer has been seen on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late late show James Corden, and NBC News. He's even made appearances in America’s Got Talent! To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.

  • Late Show w/David Letterman (twice)
  • Late Late Show w/James Corden
  • NBC Nightly News
  • CBS Early Show
  • America's Got Talent
  • Guinness World Records Unleashed
  • Universal Studios

The man's brain is a national treasure

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