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Award Winning Comedic Magician

booking highlights

   Can incorporate logos, company messages, and products in each performance

   Featured on America’s Got Talent and The Late Show With David Letterman

   Mix of crazy concepts, illusions, and inventions into an award-winning performance

   Versatile act for any venue size

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in Los Angeles

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Prepare to be whisked away on a whirlwind of laughter and wonder with the antics of our hire award-winning comedy magician, a maestro of mirth and mystery whose one-of-a-kind show has enchanted millions. This is a magician who doesn’t just perform tricks; he conjures a world where humor and illusion are intertwined, and every act is a front-row ticket to the unexpected.

Witness the magic that stole the hearts of over 10 million viewers on America's Got Talent and charmed the audience on The Late Night Show with David Letterman. Our comedic magician is a juggernaut of jest, with a performance-packed resume that guarantees an unforgettable experience from curtain rise to the cascading applause.

This is not just a show; it's a spectacular blend of the absurd with the astounding, perfect for corporate events, casinos, theaters, festivals, and any celebration in need of a touch of enchantment and a healthy dose of belly laughs. Imagine your CEO becoming the star of the act or your company's message transforming into an awe-inspiring illusion—this is the versatility that our magician brings to the table.

Whether it's the intimate setting of a 60-seat theater or the grandeur of a 5,000-capacity venue, this award-winning stage magician connects with every spectator, creating a personalized show that transcends age and background. He is a conjurer of joy, a purveyor of punchlines, and a weaver of wonder, all wrapped up in one show-stopping package.

Bring the amazing comedy magic show to your event and bear witness to an act that's as clever as it is comical, as heartwarming as it is hair-raising. With a magician who tailors every performance to the audience at hand, you're not just hiring entertainment; you're investing in a shared moment of magic that will linger long after the final act.

To secure this stellar sensation for your next event, reach out to your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment, and watch as your gathering becomes the highlight of the year, where laughter and levitation are just the beginning.