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World Champion and Keynote Speaker

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   World Yo-yo Champion turned motivational speaker

   Infuses humor into valuable life lessons

   Tailored keynote speeches for any event

   Engaging, interactive presentation style

   Turns personal failures into universal successes

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Transform your event by choosing to hire keynote speaker who is not just an orator but a beacon of inspiration, blending humor with powerful life insights. Our World Champion, a seasoned comedy entertainer and speaker, shares his journey from the streets of New York City to Shanghai, revealing the undulating road to achievement. Hiring him as your professional keynote speaker for events means giving your audience an engaging, transformative experience.

His speeches go beyond anecdotes—these are powerful testimonies of resilience and mastery, presented by a comedy entertainer and speaker who has triumphed and stumbled in the public eye. His candid recount of turning a national television mishap into a career-defining triumph illustrates the profound lessons from such events. To hire a keynote speaker like him is to gift your audience with an authentic narrative that redefines the essence of success.

With over 10,000 hours dedicated to perfecting his craft, our champion speaker has invaluable tools for converting challenges into victories. When you hire keynote speaker of his caliber, your audience inherits strategies for overcoming their hurdles and the encouragement to transform setbacks into opportunities.

For those seeking to hire keynote speaker who leaves a lasting impact, look no further. His unique combination of comedy, heartfelt stories, and practical wisdom distinguishes him as more than just a professional keynote speaker.


  • Panasonic
  • Best Buy
  • Olympus
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Girl Scouts of USA
  • Boy Scouts of America


He generated us lots of leads, and we will definitely hire him again.

Nick Grewal, CEO ePropelled