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Walk Around Detectives

booking highlights

   Giant, interactive performers

   Over 15 years of global experience

   Perfect for a wide range of events

   Unique, comedic, detective-themed entertainment

   Engages and amuses audiences of all ages

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Walk Around Detectives PHOTOS


Brighten up your event with our walk around detectives for hire. This France-based quartet of comedic performers has been amusing audiences across the globe with their bumbling detective personas. With necks that stretch up to 3 meters and sporting oversized coats and boots, these gentle giants captivate audiences of all ages with their over-the-top reactions and hilarious antics.

The Walk Around Detectives is a unique entertainment experience, providing interactive performances that keep audiences engaged for hours. For over 15 years, they've toured 45 countries, performing in over 800 shows. Their act is perfect for festivals, corporate events, street shows, school activities, and carnivals. These walk around characters bring a refreshing and engaging kind of entertainment that can be rented for any event.

Their concept is simple yet compelling - giant, clumsy detectives roaming the streets, ensuring no comic misdeeds go unchallenged. They've traveled from Europe to the USA and Asia, amusing audiences with their brand of interactive fun. Regular clients include corporations, city governments, and amusement parks, all attracted by the unique and engaging entertainment offered by the Walk Around Detectives.

So, if you're looking for a touch of humor and an element of surprise to elevate your upcoming event, our Walk Around Detectives are just what you need. Their towering presence and comedic antics will keep your guests amused and entertained.