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Upscale '50s Jazz Group

booking highlights

   Elegant '50s tribute with classic songbook

   Interactive jazz experience with audience engagement

   Sophisticated black-tie ensemble

   Perfect for all occasions, with plenty of audience engagement.

   Timeless, upscale jazz ambiance for any event

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Step back to an era of unmatched elegance and rhythm with a 1950s jazz band group for hire that encapsulates the glamour of yesteryear. We invite you to immerse yourself in the classic melodies and sophisticated sounds of our Vintage Jazz Bands for hire for events that demand an air of nostalgic sophistication.

Donning sleek black suits and ties, our stylish 1950s jazz band channels the iconic essence of jazz legends like Frank Sinatra, bringing the timeless Great American Songbook to life before your very eyes. Their performances are a masterful blend of music and theatre, creating private concert experiences that resonate with audiences of all generations, from jazz aficionados to those discovering the genre for the first time.

As you hire our 1950s jazz band group for your event, expect more than just background music; expect an engaging performance. With each note, our musicians take your guests on a journey through history, complemented by witty banter and interactive charm that only the golden age of jazz can offer. Our group's proficiency and attention to detail ensure that every event becomes a momentous occasion filled with foot-tapping rhythms and heartfelt ballads that echo through the ages.

Whether it's a corporate gala, a wedding reception, or an intimate gathering, this jazz ensemble is aptly suited to bring an upscale ambiance reminiscent of a refined bourbon-sipping soirée from the '50s. Our Vintage Jazz Bands for hire turn any event into a dinner theatre sensation, complete with the allure and spirit of the quintessential jazz era.

Choose the harmonious elegance of our stylish 1950s jazz band, and let the soulful serenades of the past update your event's soundtrack. Reach out to us and make your next event an affair to remember as our musicians transform your evening into an elegant tribute to the greatest decade of jazz.


  • Fernbank Museum
  • Colony Square (NA Properties)
  • Avalon (NA Properties)
  • The Forum at Peachtree Corners
  • Plexus
  • Coosa Country Club
  • Laurel Ridge Country Club
  • Atlanta Athletic Club
  • The Engine Shop