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Team Building Mystery Game

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   Customized plot for immersive team engagement

   Innovative team building through mystery solving

   Adapted for both live and virtual formats

   Encourages teamwork and strategic thinking

   Exciting alternative to traditional exercises

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Transform your team's dynamics with an adventure that goes beyond conventional team building exercises for corporate events. Introducing our Team Building Mystery Game, a thrilling narrative-driven experience designed to engage, entertain, and enhance cooperation within your workforce. Dive into a story where your team becomes part of a gripping plot, with twists and puzzles that will require collective problem-solving and collective decision-making.

Set in a world crafted by you, our customizable mystery game allows you to choose the setting, era, and characters to fit your company's theme. As the storyline unfolds, your team will interact in ways they never have before - collecting clues, analyzing evidence, and acting out scenes to get to the bottom of a compelling mystery.

Ideal for both in-person and virtual environments, our game is perfect for corporate team building games or a virtual team building murder mystery. It’s an opportunity for your team to step out of their comfort zone, develop communication skills, and work toward a common goal in a fun, immersive way.

The experience culminates in a climactic reveal that will leave everyone talking long after the event. Whether your implicated party is crafty enough to escape detection or is brilliantly unmasked, this murder mystery game will be a catalyst for laughter, bonding, and perhaps some friendly competition that strengthens the team spirit.

Elevate your next corporate event with our mystery game – it's not just an exercise, it's a shared memory in the making. Forge stronger connections within your team with a dose of excitement and intrigue that only our Team Building Mystery Game can provide.


  • PepsiCo, Ford, Emmy Awards, Edward Jones, BMW, Michelin Intl, Honeywell, BB&T Bank, Biltmore, many more… There are hundreds of testimonials at my website and many on Google.


“Best Holiday Party yet! We had the best time doing a murder mystery for our work team holiday party! We all dressed in 20s themed attire and was able to eat, drink and solve a mystery all in one night! Thanks for providing an excellent alternative to the "business as usual" work party!!”

Lisa Wolfe, Michelin International

"I cannot express how happy we were with this event. It was AMAZING! He is hands down the best person for the job. He send us an incredible list of options, tailored it for our event, and FLEW IN to host it for the night. He was there throughout the entire planning and guided every step. It was truly a night no one will forget! I don't want to spoil anything, but "Never Go To A Dinner Party On An Island” was super fun. We are all crime podcast enthusiasts and this was a great time! BEST MURDER MYSTERY dinner ever! Thank you again for everything!”

Tatiana V., Seattle

"Team Building Mystery Game was a rousing success at our event! We had requested a specific theme involving them, and they was more than accommodating, incorporating everything we needed into our Mystery! He had all the tools to get everyone engaged, involved, competing, laughing, interacting, and acting! Fun was had by all - and boy, were we stumped on many occasions! I would highly recommend!”

Karen Kidwell, NC Court Reporters Assoc.