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The Magician of Impossibility

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   Ideal for corporate functions, gala dinners, conferences, trade shows, and more

   Based in Las Vegas and available to perform at events worldwide

   Previous clients include McDonald's, Asus, Hilton, Red Bull, FBLA, and more

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With modern culture offering a plethora of escapes from reality, it is not often that audiences can experience the extraordinary in real-time. Since 2005, one man has kept viewers mesmerized as he weaves together an unlikely fusion of magic and unique interests to create something truly special--an obsession with impossibility! He has revolutionized the art of magic and illusion, transforming them into interactive experiences that are as thrilling as a Hollywood blockbuster. With his unique blend of sleight-of-hand theater, psychology, filmmaking, music, and con artistry audiences have been brought to unseen heights - allowing us to discover just how far our imaginations can take us when we let go of the boundaries between real life and fantasy. Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada - home of the world's greatest spectacles and highest caliber entertainment - he can be seen gracing some of its most esteemed stages. From captivating audiences with his U.S. Tours, and closeups magic to hosting intimate events for today’s A-List celebs, each performance is sure to teleport you into a realm where life imitates art! After all: when do we ever get an opportunity to experience what seemed previously impossible?

He captivates audiences with his one-of-a-kind performance, perfectly tailored for corporate events. From alluring headlining entertainment to intimate trade shows and VIP specials--his remarkable events create an unforgettable experience unlike any other. Need help promoting your brand? He collaboratively crafts custom presentations that will effectively communicate the unique values of your organization in a memorable way.