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Magician Innovator

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   Can masquerade as an incognito guest, posing as a friend or employee, to add a special flair to your event

   Portfolio of prestigious clients and celebrity endorsements

   Unique blend of mystifying illusions and mind-reading abilities

   Highly regarded as a top creator of magical effects

   Collaborated with renowned magicians on prime-time specials

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Are you ready to elevate your event with extraordinary magic and mind-bending feats? Hire exceptional magician for fun shows that will leave your audience spellbound and amazed. This world-renowned magician and mentalist has captivated audiences across the globe with his unique blend of mystifying illusions and mind-reading abilities. With a stellar reputation and a portfolio of prestigious clients, including celebrities like Johnny Depp and Sting, he is the go-to entertainer for any event.

This top rated corporate magician for events combines live interactive performances with innovative magical effects to provide an unparalleled entertainment experience. His collaboration with renowned magicians like David Blaine on prime-time ABC specials and his work on the BAFTA-nominated series Dynamo: Magician Impossible showcase his exceptional creativity and innovation. When you hire a magician with innovative ideas, you’re not just booking a performance—you’re investing in a mesmerizing experience that will captivate and engage your guests.

Born in Scotland and raised in diverse cultures such as The Sultanate of Oman, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, this magician brings a global perspective to his performances. Fluent in multiple languages and with a solid educational background in finance and international business from New York University’s Stern School of Business, his intellect and captivating stage presence combine to create a unique and engaging show. His extensive travels and cultural experiences enrich his performances, making them relatable and intriguing for diverse audiences.

Whether hosting a corporate event, private party, or special gathering, hiring this exceptional magician for fun shows will ensure your event stands out. His ability to read minds, perform astonishing illusions, and engage with the audience makes him the perfect choice for any occasion. Don’t miss the chance to bring this extraordinary performer to your event.

Contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment today to hire an exceptional magician for fun shows and make your event unforgettable. Book now and experience the magic and innovation that sets this performer apart.

  • Google
  • Princeton University
  • Yahoo
  • Hermés
  • NBC
  • American Express
  • GE
  • Johnny Depp
  • Harrison Ford
  • Paul Newman
  • Sting

“Everyone really loved you and your magic. I can't wait to see you again in action. ”

Zod Nazem (CTO, Yahoo)

“Your presence added a unique touch of enchantment to the evening. Many people talked to me about your effortless charm, and your knack for making the magical seem natural. ”

Dr. Edgar Choueiri (Princeton University)