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Interactive Team Building Show

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   Provides team-building experiences designed through murder mysteries to push your team into a strong, cohesive group

   The perfect online activity for any team these murder mysteries are designed not only to push your team's creativity but also its problem-solving skill

   The perfect online entertainment for any team

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Invite your workmates to an epic day they will never forget, where their skills are put on display! This virtual theater show is an interactive problem-solving experience that provides a fun and engaging training sessions and professional development events available anywhere in the world. These murder mysteries are designed not only to push your team's creativity but also its problem-solving skills. You'll have time for thoughtful planning, strategic thinking, and last-minute improvisation during this game night! Your company’s greatest asset is its employees. Being an innovative, forward-thinking employer means you should always be looking to grow and develop your workforce for them – not just yourself -to reach their full potential! 

Filled with unexpected twists and unique tests of their ability to reason and engage, our work is so much more than your standard set of team-building activities on Zoom. Our shows are one-of-a-kind pieces of theatre, designed to be truly interactive. Our shows are immersive experiences that put you in the middle of an unfolding mystery. You will reason and engage with our unique tests for your ability to solve puzzles as well as team-building activities on Zoom! In this mystery, the Central Intelligence Agency is on the hunt for a saboteur in this new hidden-object puzzle! Join special agent Brock Hammerhold and his team of agents as they try to uncover who is behind it all. To book this thrilling theater experience, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment. 

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Our team had so much fun! Thank you guys - it was a very refreshing virtual event and worked really well! Actors were brilliant - thanks again :)

Rick S.