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Swing Music Trio

booking highlights

   Authentic 1940s swing and close harmony specialists

   Patriotic performances that honor American history

   Retro chic fashion and dance from the Swing Era

   Professional trio with nationwide acclaim

   Customizable setlist for diverse events and audiences

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Travel back to the Swing Era with our acclaimed Swing Music Trio, where the lively spirit and signature harmonies of the 1940s enliven your event with glamour and patriotic fervor. This Los Angeles-based trio is a sensational tribute to the iconic sounds of the most significant female groups of World War II, enthralling audiences nationwide with their authentic musical homage, complete with period-precise costumes and choreography.

As you consider a Swing Music Trio to hire, imagine the allure of the USO female singers, whose voices and stylings pay tribute to the brave and the bold of yesteryear. They are the perfect match for anyone seeking to add a touch of historical charm and a hearty dose of American pride to their event. With each performance, they recreate the ambiance of '40s canteens and bring the nostalgia of the Andrews Sisters' era to the modern stage.

The patriotic female singing group we present has been featured in high-profile venues and special events, delivering performances that resonate with the valor and optimism of the era. Their shows are tailored to inspire with a repertoire that ranges from swing classics to soul-stirring patriotic tunes, ensuring every guest is moved by the power of music.

Whether serenading a reception with classics or headlining a community celebration, our Swing Music Trio elevates your occasion beyond mere entertainment. Let us infuse your next event with the elegance and vitality of a bygone era, ensuring a memorable experience that charms and delights.

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  • The Pasadena Pops
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  • Pacific Symphony Orchestra
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Thank YOU! Everyone loved them. Great voices, precision choreography, perfect pacing…. We are so happy with the event!

Cuesta College