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Two women in mermaid tails posing by a pool | Altus Entertainment

Real-Life Mermaids

booking highlights

    A variety of tails and hair piece options to match any event or theme

   Can sit poolside or on shore at the beach to pose with guests for unforgettable pictures

   An intricate water bowl act that is both visually stunning and technically complex can be reserved for Las Vegas events

   Skilled performers who can captivate your guests with their charm and graceful movements

Services Offered

Real-Life Mermaids PHOTOS

Give your upcoming pool party or other VIP celebration an extra sparkle by booking our mermaid performers. Our talented ladies can wear a variety of costumes and tails that fit any theme you want! Our real-life mermaids have a wide variety of matching tails and tops. More sophisticated costumes are also available for those who want an even greater photo opportunity! Our friendly entertainers will happily pose alongside your guests while they enjoy their party on land or by the edge of any swimming pool, these ladies can really put together some stunning looks that make everyone take notice.

You won't find a more authentic way to celebrate than with our real-life mermaids. A guaranteed hit at any celebration, these mystical creatures will make your event one people remember for years! Whether you're looking for a fun and games activity or something that will really set the tone of your event, our real-life mermaid performers are guaranteed to be an instant hit. Our enchanting creatures bring magic into any celebration with their performances whether it's at festivals, wedding parties, hotels, or poolside celebrations, they have got them all covered! If you're organizing an event or party in Las Vegas, our mermaid entertainers can also offer a water bowl performance. They will create the most beautiful stage show that is both visually stunning and technically complex! To book these beautiful mermaids in Las Vegas or anywhere else across the United States, contact us today and our specialists would love to help make your event a swimmingly great time!