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Underwater Selfie Station

booking highlights

   Perfect for pool parties, resorts, cruise ships, water parks and any other water-based experiences

   Take a photo of yourself using underwater monitor

   Guests are supplied with props and costumes

   High energy and helpful staff

   Branded backgrounds and graphic overlays

   Prints instantly on-site, great for social media sharing, data capture, and more

Services Offered

Underwater Selfie Station PHOTOS

Underwater Selfie Station VIDEOS

Dive into the deep blue and capture memories like never before with our mesmerizing underwater selfie station rental. Plunge your event into a sea of excitement and give your guests a picture-perfect moment that encapsulates the magic of underwater adventures—all without getting their feet wet!

Our unique underwater photobooth is the pearl in the oyster of any pool party, resort celebration, or cruise ship entertainment. Imagine the delight as your guests line up to snap their very own underwater shot, set against the enchanting backdrop of ocean serenity. The thrill of this experience doesn't just ripple—it makes a splash!

The innovative technology behind our Underwater photo studio allows for a live preview monitor, where guests can see themselves in the aquatic world. With the simple press of the ‘Under Water Button,’ they'll snap a branded photo that goes beyond the confines of a standard selfie. It's a seamless fusion of real-time fun and digital memorabilia.

Whether it’s a corporate event looking to make waves or a private soiree seeking to add a splash of novelty, our underwater selfie station is tailored to leave a lasting impression. It's not just about taking photos; it's about creating an immersive experience that will have everyone talking—and sharing their incredible snaps—long after the event has ended.

Choose Altus Entertainment’s underwater selfie station rental for an unforgettable subaquatic spectacle. With this unique feature, your event will not only stand out but also dive deeper into the realms of innovative entertainment. So why settle for the ordinary when you can submerge your guests in a world of aquatic wonder?