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Performer in mermaid costume with vibrant pink tail and matching hair flower enjoying a swim in the pool. | Altus Entertainment

Enchanting Swimming Mermaids

booking highlights

   Beautiful mermaids that gracefully splash and dance about in water

   Hire mermaids for magical dances and photo opportunities

   Their charm and beauty is bound to captivate guests

    Customizable costumes for branded events

Services Offered

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Want to make your event magical? Hire Enchanting Swimming Mermaids! These mermaids aren’t just performers; they bring your guests into a world of magic and stories. Dancing and twirling in the water, they wear special costumes with starfish and can even change their look to fit your event. They don’t just dance; they also tell amazing stories from the Seven Seas, making your event feel like a fairy tale. Whether it’s a small party or a big company event, these mermaids make it unforgettable. And if you want them to look a certain way to match your event, they can do that too!