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Musical Trio Ensemble

booking highlights

   Multiple award-winning tenors with professional opera experience

   Talented vocalists that provide live entertainment in a fun surprise act while dressing as waiters

   Perfect for gala dinners, weddings, corporate functions, private parties, and more

   Available for worldwide bookings, based all over the USA and internationally too

   Will captivate the audience with their amazing voices and hilarious show

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Are you looking to hire a trio for your events that will leave your guests amazed and entertained? Look no further than our incredible Musical Trio Ensemble of singing waiters. These talented vocalists hire for events will transform your special occasion into an unforgettable experience with their dynamic, humorous, and sophisticated performance.

Imagine your guests' surprise and delight as these professional opera singers pose as waiters, blending seamlessly into your event before bursting into song with their Tenors-style show. With over 13,000 performances since 1999 and accolades from across the globe, these multi-award-winning tenors have captivated audiences in 85 countries. Their expertise and unique approach to live music entertainment make them one of the most sought-after acts worldwide.

Perfect for any event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, or private party, this ensemble's repertoire and engaging performance style will leave a lasting impression on your guests. When you hire a trio for your events like this one, you are not just booking musicians; you are securing a world-class act that combines the best of opera and theatrical surprise to create magical moments.

These talented vocalists stand out as one of the best, ideal bands with 3 members, offering both powerful solo performances and harmonious ensemble pieces. Their show blends opera classics with popular hits, ensuring broad appeal and engagement from all ages and musical tastes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your event with amazing live music entertainment. Contact us today to hire these singing waiters for your next function. Your guests won't be able to stop talking about this unique and memorable experience long after the event is over.