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Versatile Harpist and Opera Singer

booking highlights

   Opera singer with enchanting presence

   Perfect for events, from weddings to corporate gatherings

   Classical and contemporary musical fusion

   Talented singing harpist with self-accompaniment expertise

   Classically trained opera singer

   Harpist exuding sophistication and charm

Services Offered

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We proudly present an Opera singer and harp player for hire that transcends the ordinary, delivering a melodic symphony of elegance and finesse to every event, direct from the heart of Santa Barbara, California. As the harp strings intertwine with the richness of velvety opera vocals, our performer captivates audiences, leaving an indelible impression of sophistication and grace.

Immerse your guests in the sublime harmony of classical music and the passionate ardor of opera with this talented musician. Each performance is a meticulous blend of the traditional and the contemporary, from soul-stirring compositions like "The Lady of the Underworld" to enchanting renditions of classics like Satie's "Je te Veux" and Piaf's "La Vie en Rose." As you seek to hire an opera singer, look no further than this artist, whose voice elevates the senses and stirs the soul.

For those in pursuit of an event harpist for hire, our musician's virtuosity extends to crafting bespoke performances that resonate with the theme and essence of your event, be it a romantic wedding, a distinguished corporate affair, or a special celebration. As one of the best wedding harpists, she brings a touch of magic to marital bliss, while her skills make her the best party harpist for events seeking a touch of elegance and a memorable musical experience.

Whether you desire a solo act to enchant a small gathering or a grand ensemble performance to fill a hall, our versatile harpist and opera singer is adaptable, accomplished, and assured to fulfill your event aspirations. Booking with us ensures that your musical entertainment will be extraordinary. Elevate your occasion with the immersive soundscape provided by our Opera singer and harp player for hire—a decision that harmonizes perfectly with excellence.